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Job interview. Organic և Simplified tips for the candidate

The job interview should be conceived by the candidate as an opportunity to broadly guide their professional trajectory. Taking into account the objective direction that the candidate can achieve through his / her presentation in the selection process.

Job interview. Organic և Simplified tips for the candidate

Knowledge of your own resume: It is very valuable for the direction of your posture. Therefore, you may need to analyze the points that underline your professional trajectory so that you can take them to the job interview in an organic, simplified way.

Emphasize your professional results

The candidate may talk about situations that highlight their professional differences, previous work results, and their characteristics. That way you can direct your posture և reinforce your strengths.

On the other hand, the candidate must know how to speak objectively about his negative points by submitting a resolution. For example, when presenting himself as a shy person, the candidate may emphasize that he wants to study theater, or even informing that he needs to be refreshed in some way. system: Using their area of ​​expertise, the candidate can inform that he / she is already quoting with specific institutions.

Accept a positive և participatory attitude

Your posture should confirm the delivery of your non-verbal language message. Therefore, it is possible that you do not cross your arms and legs and speak calmly and calmly. Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits.

take your doubts

In addition, the candidate may use the space provided for questions at the end of the job interview. Therefore, it is advisable to ask for relevant information about the activities being carried out, the benefits of the vacancy, the opportunities for career growth, etc.

Therefore, it is not only the candidate who gives the grade given by M. recruitment և selection positive և viable, but can also assess the feasibility of concluding contracts. Because it is possible for both parties to evaluate the values ​​involved և objectivity. Hiring in this way becomes an organic, positive flow for all involved.

Adjust the points

Adapting the above points, the candidate considers himself positive և avoids the lack of his professional potential in the market. because when the anxiety is overwhelming, the candidate may adopt the attitude of professional self-sabotage.

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