Joe Soares always faced difficult times with humor, says his biographer

Journalist Matinas Suzuki Junior, the author of two volumes of the biography of Jo Soares “O Livro de Jô”, announced this Friday (5). CNN:that humor and the actor always coped with the difficult moments of life with a lot of humor.

The biographer cites examples such as the treatment of his son Rafael Soares, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as a child and who died of a brain tumor at the age of 50 in 2014. And even episodes during the Military Dictatorship.

“[Ele reagia] always with humor. The boy Rafa used to joke and laugh a lot. And also from the difficult moments, from the military dictatorship, some felt a little, but it never turned into bitterness, resentment. Joe had only one thing in mind: to share the bread of joy,” Matinas said.

“Everything he ended up taking was on the side of humor, on the side of joy, and he even has a phrase that is the epigraph to this first volume that he loved, by the English actor Edmund Gwenn, who said: “Dying is easy, humor is hard.” He said that sentence on his deathbed. And Joe, who is now in the hospital for the last few days, repeated this phrase again. “Living is not problematic, it’s difficult to make humor,” he continued.

Joe died this morning at the age of 84. He had been hospitalized at the Sírio-Libanês Hospital in São Paulo since the end of last month.

“Patient Joe Soares died today, August 5, at 2:20 a.m. in Syrio-Libanes. in Sao Paulo. He was hospitalized in the hospital since July 28, where he was accompanied by groups of clinical staff of the institution.

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