Jojo Todinho starts law courses and says he will be tasked with protecting women

Respect him. Jojo Todinho, 26, attracted attention on social media this week after preparing for his first day of law school. The singer and influencer celebrated the start of classes with a pool party with friends and family.

According to Jojo, who even considered studying psychology, the biggest motivation for enrolling in the Law course was the desire to protect women who have been subjected to violence and abuse in various ways.

“When I graduate, this nonsense that men don’t pay alimony, that men beat women, ends.”[…] I will be a DEAM delegate [Delegacia Especializada no Atendimento à Mulher]. I will look for it at home. And another thing, there will be a little room called “Que Tiro Foi Esse” for those of you who like to beat women. […] – promised the student.

wife of conquerors

The singer from Bangu in Rio de Janeiro, recalling her own trajectory, emphasized that she has already faced many obstacles.

As a teenager, the singer worked as a day laborer and street vendor. He exploded across the country in 2018 with Que Tiro Foi Esse? with a hit that had international repercussions.

However, before that, she began to appear in the media due to her participation in the TV series A Força do Querer (2017) and being in the cast of Anitta’s Vai Malandra video. And consolidated as the champion of A Fazenda reality show, on Record TV, 2020.

“We know that nothing in life is easy, never will be. If it’s too easy, you already know it’s not good, and when it comes to my story, I look back and see what I went through to achieve what I have. I have today,” he recalled.

full of contradictions

As he says, it is difficult to publish any news about Jojo Todinho and not have a controversy in the middle.

This time, while celebrating getting into college, the influencer received some criticism, but he responded in the fairest and most truthful way.

Jojo made it a point to remember some moments in his life and affirm that everything in life comes only from merit. He recorded several videos for stories.

“You have to release the happy serotonin because it’s a lot of stress, I know, but it doesn’t discourage people, it encourages them. Kissed with lots of love by the doctor,” Jojo quipped.

Jojo’s Secret

For Jojo, the secret to achieving goals is commitment. “It took a lot of effort, a lot of dedication and a lot of struggle, but I thank God because He is giving me more and more strength and I have proven that I can and am capable,” he said.

Dedicated to being a straight-A student, the artist warned that she will be studying a lot. “Knowledge does not take up space, it only adds to our life. I love to learn, I have the greatest patience and I know it [o curso de Direito] there is a lot of reading,” he said.

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“Get ready with me”

And Jojo, being Jojo, couldn’t let that first day of school go by. A basic white t-shirt, gold cord, stylish jeans, shoes to match the blouse and a pink backpack. Smile from one corner of your face to the other.

The singer “get ready with me,” showing off all the items she’ll be taking to college, including a wheeled backpack, a lunch box and several pencil cases. Of course, all pink!

Before leaving the house, she shared a video with her followers and even asked her fans if she had too much to drink on the first day. [veja o vídeo abaixo]

protection of women

Among the various moments shared on social networks, Jojo Todinho assured that his focus, after graduation, will be the protection of women’s rights.

Jojo, who has always been the target of criticism and abuse online, has vowed to work on behalf of women, especially those who have been abused.

Good luck on your new journey Jojo!!! Shine!

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