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Jonathan Martinez captured the decision in a heated fight with Said Nurmagomedov.

Said Nurmagomedov and Jonathan Martinez, UFC Las Vegas weighed inCredit: Youtube/UFC

The bantamweight fight on the main card of UFC Las Vegas sees Jonathan Martinez surging into a matchup with No. 14 Said Nurmagomedov.

Nurmagomedov is on fire going into this bout. Both of them won four matches in a row. But only one was on the list. with Martinez aiming to enter the top 15

The competition was quite close. Nurmagomedov led an impressive exchange. And Martinez used his struggles to get into the advanced position. After the first round Martinez controlled Nurmagomedov with the cage for most of the second frame. This seems to play a big part in his game plan heading into the tournament.

Martinez took control as the fight continued. Tackled several times before locking in with a deep armbar towards the end of the third round. Nurmagomedov locks Martinez in a deep triangle. Although he can’t do much with the dominant position. The fight goes to the referee’s scorecard. In which Martinez was named the winner in the fun and back-to-back bantamweight division.

Martinez should enter the bantamweight rankings and look for another top-15 opponent next time. While Nurmagomedov may lose his place in the top 15 and may look for a quick turnaround to regain his standing in the rankings.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Jonathan Martinez beats Nurmagomedov unanimously (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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