Jorge and Victoria Romanov ya son padres de su primer hijo

The Grand Dukes of Russia, Jorge and Viktoria Romanovi were the fathers of their first child, whom they named Alexander, as confirmed by Grand Duchess Maria, abuela del pequeño and jefa de la Casa Imperial Rusa, in a statement that informed that “the baby was born at 10.32 and weighs 2.7 kg”. The baby’s priest was present at its birth and mother and baby are in perfect condition.

La pareja, who announced the last month of May, the happy news, from bienvenida to their first day of the year after their lavish wedding in St. Petersburg. It was October 1 last year when the pretender to the Russian throne “Wanted” Rebecca Betarini, who went over to urge Victoria Romanovna to accept the Orthodox faith. It was the first wedding of the Romanovs in siglo and a fiesta that lasted three days, attended by more than a thousand guests from the aristocracy and 20 European royal houses and dynasties from around the world, among them Simeon of Bulgaria, the Dukes of Anjou, Manuel Filiberto de Savoy and Prince Leka of Albania.

Jorge de Russia was born in Madrid aged 41 and was the son of Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Romanova and Prince Francisco Guillermo de Prussia. He is a direct descendant of Emperor Alejandro II of Russia, Queen Victoria of England and Kaiser Guillermo II of Germany Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia are among their fathers.

From the Dukes of Anjou to Simeon of Bulgaria: the greats quote ‘royal’ at Jorge Romanov’s wedding

The Grand Duke and Rebecca Betarini have known each other since their teenage years, but they started dating about ten years ago after returning to coincide in an event at the embajada de Francia in Bruselas, at the time they both worked in the capital of the European Union. The Grand Duke asked the Italian writer, father of the Italian ambassador Roberto Betarini, who helped him set up his foundation in Russia, and months later his friendship turned into a new one. After living in Brussels for six years, they settled in Moscow, where they worked in the philanthropic sector.

In August 2020 grand duque le pdió matrimonio with an impressive ruby ​​cabujón ring, symbol of love, passion and nobility; and diamonds, which represent the purity and strength of your feelings. Grand Duchess Maria gave this piety to her son when she was 18, as an engagement ring for the woman who would one day become his future wife, as it were.

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