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Josh Duhamel Married Girlfriend 21 Years His Junior, Says He Knew From the Start She Was ‘The One’ / Unbelievable

Love has a funny way of unfolding, and for actor Josh Duhamel, it seems like the stars have finally aligned on his side. After ending his marriage to singer Fergie, the actor recently married Audra Mar, his girlfriend of three years. And apparently the marriage proposal had been on the backburner for quite some time until the actor came forward, even though he knew at the beginning of the relationship that Audra was the “chosen one.”

Josh and Audra were introduced by a mutual friend.


Former beauty pageant contestant and star Together by chance they met in March 2019 and started dating in May of the same year. The pair’s connection was obvious from the start; the duo was always seen kissing at airports and attending important events hand in hand. The chemistry between them was electrifying and they seemed inseparable.

The marriage proposal was not planned

Josh surprised his then-girlfriend Audra Mari with a romantic and spontaneous proposal during a beach vacation. “I kind of decided at the last minute that I was going to do it this way,” the actor said. “I didn’t have any plans. There wasn’t a ring yet. I was like, ‘Today’s the day.’ And that’s kind of how it happened.”

Despite being unprepared, Josh wanted to create a memorable moment for Audra and arranged a surprise for her. gatekeeper from the resort. While walking on the beach, a bottle with a note floated to the shore. Inside was a note from the actress that read: “Audra Diane Mari, will you marry me?” Excited, Audra said yes, and the couple shared photos on social media with the caption, “Tá no ar!!”

The actor knew from the beginning that Audra was his “chosen one”

In the interview, Josh talked about his fiancée and revealed that he knew from the beginning that she was the one for him. With a smile on his face, he admitted that Audra is a wonderful girl. “We are perfect for each other. She is a lovely girl. He keeps me grounded. He keeps it real,” added the actor. “To me, he’s perfect.”

He further explained that they are from North Dakota. “She’s great,” he said, emphasizing how Audra’s personality and character captured his heart.

Less than a year after the romantic proposal, they were married

Josh, 49, and Audra, 28, exchanged vows on September 10 in their home state of North Dakota. The day was great, according to the actor’s Instagram post, but it wasn’t so peaceful. As the actor revealed, he ended up in the ER after hurting his back “doing wild moves on the party bus” the night before the ceremony. When she tried to do some gymnastic moves while standing on the bus, she explained, she hurt her back.

Despite this setback, she still managed to walk down the aisle and joked that it was her favorite part of the wedding. “I know I’m a little older than him,” she joked, later adding, “It wouldn’t look good if I couldn’t walk down the aisle.”

Despite a significant age difference of 21 years, Josh Duhamel and Audra Mar’s love story is a beautiful reminder that age really is just a number. The couple have found happiness and aren’t afraid to show it, and as they continue to build their life together, it’s clear that their love knows no bounds.

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