Juicy Beats 2022 at Westfalenpark Dortmund: All information at a glance

Dortmund’s biggest concert event of the year is approaching: The Juicy Beats Festival will take place again in Westfalenpark in 2022. What rules apply? Here you will find all the answers to the most important questions.

For two days he will Westphalia Park IN Dortmund in the big concert venue – for the first time in three years. that Juicy Beats Festival is back, right now, with thousands of fans in front of the greats stageswithout Distance or mask. Here you will find all the answers to the most important questions.

Juicy Beats 2022: when does it start?

The program starts at 14:00 on Friday (29/7) and at 12:00 on Saturday (30/7). There are concerts until 10:30 p.m., on Saturday the night party ticket booths (20 euros) open at 10:00 p.m. You can dance until 3 in the morning.

Who are the most famous artists at Juicy Beats 2022 in Dortmund?

With a few exceptions, the big names will be mostly hip-hop at Juicy Beats 2022. KIZ, Kontra K, Rin, Faber and Juju are the most popular names.

What is the best way to get there?

Train lines U45 and U49 stop at Westfalenpark station. Advance tickets entitle you to free return travel in the VRR area (in Mönchengladbach, but not anywhere in the Unna district). For the return, the U45 runs every 10 minutes from Saturday to Sunday until 6am. These special trains only stop at Westfalenhallen, Westfalenpark, Kampstraße and Hauptbahnhof stations.

I have to come by car. Where can I park?

The festival team recommends car parks E3 (Victor-Toyka-Straße, near TSC Eintracht) and F2 (An der Buschmühle, Hotel Radisson Blu).

Which Westfalenpark entrances should you use at Juicy Beats 2022?

The Juicy Beats team hosts a huge crowd at the entrance to the Ruhrallee, near the train station. Families or people with disabilities are recommended to use the entrances at Café Durchblick (Florianstraße) or Kaiserhain.

Someone else comes to Juicy Beats than you thought when you bought the ticket. What should we consider?

Such tickets must be “re-personalized”. At shop.juicybeats.net you need to request a form and pay 3.50 euros. The printed form should then be presented at the entrance.

What do I do with my failed Juicy Beats 2020/21 card?

All visitors need new tickets for 2022. The purchase price of old tickets can be refunded. Information on this is available at refund.juicybeats.net

What about the campsite near the Westfalenpark?

As early as Thursday, at 15:00, you can pitch your tents in parking lots E1 and E2, within sight of the TSC Eintracht area on Victor-Toyka-Straße. “We admit that cobblestones aren’t the best camping ground,” according to the organizers: but you should be able to sink pegs into the ground without any problems. Access to the fenced campsite is only possible with the appropriate ticket.

Can you leave the Juicy Beats festival grounds at Westfalenpark and come back later?

Yes, visitors are given wristbands at the entrance with which they can re-enter.

Thousands of people gather at the weekend in Dortmund in front of the stages in Westfalenpark at Juicy Beats 2022 (file photo). © Rüdiger Barz (archive)

Can I bring bags or backpacks to Juicy Beats?

“Only small bags such as stomach and chest bags, belt bags, festival bags or gym bags can be taken,” it says. Bags larger than Din A4 must stay outside.

What about food and drink? Can you take them to the Juicy Beats site?

Glass bottles, PET bottles and Tetrapaks are strictly prohibited. However, empty collapsible bottles with a capacity of up to one liter are allowed – these are plastic bags with a screw cap, so to speak. On the subject of food: “No one’s going to take your chocolate away, but unfortunately the picnic basket has to stay outside,” organizers say.

What’s to eat at Juicy Beats in Westfalenpark in 2022?

There’s a huge selection: fries, crepes, donuts, falafel, doner kebabs, Asian dishes, bread, frozen yogurt, gyros, paninis, hamburgers, quesadillas, bowls, waffles, hot dogs, ice cream, pizza, bratwurst and other grilled dishes. A 50 cent trash deposit may be charged.

Is there free water?

Yes, the team promises that sufficient free drinking water points should be available.

My dog ​​is a big fan of music. Can he go to Juicy Beats in Westfalenpark?

No, dogs are not allowed on the premises.

Is it possible to pay cashless at Juicy Beats on the festival site?

No, you can only pay in cash. However, there is an ATM on the premises at Westfalenpark.

I don’t even want to see a concert. Can I still go to Westfalenpark?

If you want to go to the site, you need to buy a festival ticket. Annual tickets for Westfalenpark are not valid on the two days of Juicy Beats Festival events.

Now I’m dying to go to Juicy Beats 2022. Are there still tickets?

You can print your own tickets for both days online at shop.juicybeats.net until noon on Friday. If you want to come only on Friday, pay 53 euros. It costs €62 for Saturday and €109 for both days together, plus a system fee of €3.50 each. At the box office on site, a Friday ticket costs 60 euros and a Saturday ticket costs 70 euros (cash only).

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