Juliano Cazarré talks about his daughter's health and the rumors that he left the 'Pantanal'Entertainment 

Juliano Cazarré talks about his daughter’s health and the rumors that he left the ‘Pantanal’

Maria Guilhermina was born with a rare disease and underwent surgery in the first hours of her life

Discovery / GlobeJuliano Cazarré as Alcides, from the Pantanal
Juliano Cazarré plays Alcides in Globo’s ‘Pantanal’ shoot

actor Juliano Cazarre updated fans on her daughter’s health status, Maria Guilhermina, who was born on June 21 with a rare disease. The girl has a congenital heart disease called Ebstein’s anomaly, and, in the first hours of life, she had to undergo heart surgery. This Monday, the 4th, Alcides’ interpreter in “Pantanal” spoke about the recovery process of his daughter. “We are still here together with our little warrior, Maria Guilhermina. Tomorrow she turns two weeks old. There was a lot of excitement and a lot of progress at that time. She has recovered well and has been felicitated by her medical friends in recent days. The next step is extubation. I ask you to pray for her, that the extubation is done successfully and that she reacts well to the procedure”, he wrote on Instagram.

The artist used the opportunity to deny the rumors that he was fired from his job globe from the cast of the novel”wetlands“. “I only took a few days off to accompany the birth and the first days of Guilhermina. At that time, I already returned to Rio, recorded the soap opera, spent it at home, I was very attached to [meus filhos] Vicente, Inácio, Gaspar and Madalena. I returned to São Paulo yesterday and I will stay here for a few days, but soon I will return to continue the recording of ‘Pantanal'”, said Cazarré. In the post, he also thanked the expressions of love that he and his wife, Letícia Bastos, received. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who have prayed and sent messages full of love wishing for the recovery of our beloved little girl. There are so many messages that I can neither read nor reply to them all. Please don’t be upset. I read countless messages, but your love was so great that I don’t even have time to see everything.”

In addition to special thanks to the doctors who help Maria Guilhermina, the actor also appreciated the help of family members who are taking care of other children during this period. “I also thank the grandparents who came to our house to help with the children while my mother and I took care of Guilhermina. My gratitude also goes to Anna, Kelly and Mariana, our nannies, employees and friends, who are helping us a lot at this time. Without you girls, it would be impossible and unthinkable for us to come to São Paulo. And if we didn’t come here, Guilhermina wouldn’t have the chance to fight for her life,” he commented. Cazarré ended his account by asking followers to continue praying and said he would soon detail everything that happened.

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