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Just 2 layers a day is enough to reduce hoarseness and scratchy throat. You can buy it at any store

Are you feeling sluggish and have a sore throat? This could be the beginning of an infection. In this case, you should react quickly and help your body fight against the disease. For that you will need this unobtrusive root.

Although calendar spring is approaching, the morning frost is still difficult. In such conditions, it is not difficult to catch a cold, runny nose or exhausting hoarseness. When you are afflicted with diseases like you, there is no waiting and you have to act. In this situation, the methods that have been used and proven for years will work best. A certain inconspicuous product that you can buy at any store for pennies can go a long way in helping you develop infections.

What does ginger help with?

We are talking about the aromatic part here, of course gingeror rather, its roots. It has many wonderful properties due to the ingredients it contains to feed and: essential oils – zinferon and gingerol. They act, for example. antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial as well support the removal of secretions from the respiratory tract. That is why ginger is so useful against colds. It also contains vitamin C, B1, B2, A, E and K, so it’s worth using it even when you’re healthy. strengthen your immunity.

The best use of ginger is for colds adding it to tea. Just clean the root and cut into thin slices. Throw in 2 layers for tea and ready. You can even spice it up cinnamon and: a slice of lemonincrease the healing effect of the drink. Don’t forget either honeybut note – it should not be added to hot teabecause high temperature destroys many of the nutrients contained in honey.

If you don’t use all the ginger, that’s okay, you can keep it refrigerator. It is important that there is such a piece of root unpeeled. You have to put it on paper bags or wrap in a paper towel, then place in a plastic bag. This way the ginger stored in the refrigerator will even stay fresh up to a few weeks.

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