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Justice rejected the oil companies’ claim against the export tax

Photo: Agência Brasil

The 16th Federal Court in Rio de Janeiro this Thursday (9) rejected a joint request by five oil companies to be exempt from Brazil’s new tax on oil exports.Reuters agency reports.

Announced last week by Lula’s government (PT), the 9.2% interest rate was set through the MP. The economic team argues that it aims to offset the partial preservation of the federal fuel tax exemption.

The five companies suing are Shell, TotalEnergies, Equinor, Repsol Sinopec and Petrogal. Shell is the second largest oil producer in Brazil, behind only Petrobras, with which it is a salt exploration partner.

In his ruling rejecting the oil companies’ request, Judge Vilni Magno de Azevedo Silva ruled that the deputy was compatible; “by constitutional principles”. it is “There is no indication that the collection of the problematic investment would make it impracticable to carry out entrepreneurial activities.” companies.

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