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Kaiser chief’s firm warning to recruits not to drink and party

Former Kaiser Chiefs guard Daniel Cardoso has some advice for Naturena’s recruits.

The Glamour Boys are on the verge of their tenth signing, following a recruiting spree with the release of 14 players.

Kaiser Chiefs’ staunch supporter offers advice

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Daniel Cardoso will wear Sekhukhune United’s red and white colorway. Image: @KaizerChiefs/Twitter

For a sizable number of players, that will mean a pay rise and a move to a big city, with Cardoso warning the incoming class not to be blinded by the lights.

The Kaiser Chiefs appear to be trying to avoid signing bad boys or troublesome players, but have found in the past that players can go astray in the Naturena pressure cooker.

“I would say they need focus and humility,” Cardoso suggested in a chat with KickOff.

“Just do what you need to do, focus on football. Put everything else aside, party and go out a lot. Just focus on your football and you can have a great and long career. It’s a great company club.”

Daniel Cardoso warns of demon drink

Cardoso advises new players to keep a sober habit, as alcohol and football cannot be mixed.

“I think the biggest downfall I’ve had there in the last seven years…I’ve seen players brought in and let go within six months to a year. [because they were not the right fit],” Cardoso told Marawa Sports Worldwide.

“Sometimes, the quality of signings with the Chiefs … you bring in players from the NFD [National First Division], you brought free agency. I mean, they have a passion for the game, but some players just want to earn a salary.

“You can see it on the pitch. You can see who wants to play and how some of the players just came to training with a drink because they didn’t care. I believe that was the biggest impact. [problem] During the years I was there, we worked on the Chiefs. “

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