Karen Jontz is a victim of sexist comments and responds: “Just because you didn’t like it.”

The athlete was targeted after posting a video of him skateboarding in a bra and with armpit hair.

Guys, I don’t think that such absurdities still exist in the middle of 2023. After being the target of many sexist comments, four-time world champion skateboarder Karen Jones has finally broken her silence and decided to fight back against some of the comments she received on tiktok.

The athlete became the target of these comments after posting a video of her skateboarding without a bra and with armpit hair. Among the criticisms, the athlete was mocked for being a woman with hair and received requests that her “arrow” be removed, referring to the cat’s nipple.

Out of patience, Karen took to the web to counter some of these stupid comments, in a very sarcastic way.

“Quiet! I will remove my “tit” just because you didn’t like it,” he retorted in one situation.

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