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Karoo Central Committee building under constant attack

Central Karoo District Council is looking for answers after a council building was torched.


While Central Karoo mayor Gayton McKenzie blamed dirty politics for the attack, the council is getting closer to knowing the source.

This comes after Neighborhood Watch caught a suspect trying to burn down the town’s Chambers office.

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“Politics can be dirty, but we serve a living God,” MacKenzie said.

Suspects arrested in connection with council fire

“I would like to thank the Beaufort West Neighborhood Watch who caught a man who was busy burning the Central Karoo Council Chambers.”

Guyton Mackenzie

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“He started the fire, was arrested at the scene and is currently in a police cell,” he confirmed.

“I have no doubt that he was hired to burn down the council chamber where we made all these big decisions to bring about change in an area that was completely forgotten. We also found a lot of corruption and how people were blindly stealing Walk these towns and keep people in absolute poverty,” MacKenzie said firmly.

Mackenzie attributes attack to sabotage

“These people hate what we’re doing here as a coalition, they’re critical of every move, and I would ask President Ramaphosa to send in a team of top detectives to find out.
No one will stop the changes we bring to Central Karoo. I want to thank all Neighborhood Watch members who have had so much success and volunteered their time to keep us safe. Much respect and admiration,” Mayor MacKenzie explained.

Additionally, MacKenzie reveals that someone burned down the library and tried to set fire to several other Transnet buildings that they used for entrepreneurs this year alone.

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This is a developing story.

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