Kassab defends BC’s autonomy and says Lula will have difficulty enacting left-wing agendas

In an interview for the show ‘Direto ao Ponto’, of Jovem Pan News, the chairman of the PSD said that the party will not join some instructions defended by the president.

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Kassab participated in the first program of the new season of Direto ao Ponto

In the premiere of the new season of ‘Straight to the point‘, under the command of Adalberto Piotto, Secretary of the Government of São Paulo, Gilberto Kassab (PSD), was interviewed on Monday evening, the 13th. The politician spoke about Brazilian politics, the formalities of the government of the largest city in Latin America and his career, together with the bench formed with the journalist Cláudio Dantas, the lawyer Fernando. Capez, the president of the Locomotiva Institute, Renato Meirelles, and with the in-house journalist, Thiago Pavinato. In the election, Kassab supported Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in the presidency and was asked whether, because he was leftist and in alliance with the parties of the center, the president would be able to govern. He replied that, of course, there will be difficulties. “I think he will have a hard time [de pautas mais a esquerda]. For example, the autonomy of central bank I’m all for it, so he’s going to have a hard time [de aprovar ao contrário]. Every senator and deputy [do PSD] you can vote according to your conviction, but we will have a hard time going after the president if he takes away that autonomy,” he snapped. Still for Lula, Kassab answered who is the president’s biggest opponent at the moment. “[Bolsonaro] He is Lula’s biggest opponent, he had almost 50% of the votes, he has a base Congressalmost 200 federal deputies, a large number of senators (…) Brazil today has a right-wing opposition, led by Jair Bolsonaro and it has a big dimension”, he added.

Also a supporter of the governor of São Paulo, Tarcisio de Freitas (Republicans), Gilberto Kassab evaluated his three-month mandate. “São Paulo is realizing the importance of his choice. First because it is new blood, it was a long time for the PSDB, it was time to change. He has worked hard and built a good team. I have no doubt that he will be a great governor.” Asked if he believes that Tarcísio can be elected President of the Republic, the politician opened up. “Tarcísio is starting his electoral project and he started it very well. I understand that the inclusion of Tarcísio at the national level in 2026 is inappropriate, I see Tarcísio as a leader of São Paulo who should carry out good governance and be a candidate for re-election. At the end of these 8 years you will still be young, so there is no point. [colocado como presidente na próxima eleição]”, he said. Kassab did not miss the opportunity to talk about the joint work of Tarcísio and Lula on the north coast of São Paulo after the rain that left dozens dead.

“This is very positive, it is an example that both are setting for the country. It is essential that the chosen ones understand each other. I hope it will be like this throughout the term. It is civilized and correct”. Finally, the head of the PSD also spoke about the secret budget, a recurring theme in politics in 2022. “Which parliamentarian rejects such a large amount of resources in an election year? As much as 90% of them accepted. I think that those who are in opposition should not ask for government funds, they should monitor and look for alternatives. I do not criticize the parliamentarians for using this money, in the election year their opponents used it… but my opinion is that I am against RP9. [programação orçamentária]”, he concluded. The show airs every Monday at 21:30 (Brazil time) on FM 100.9 and AM 620 radio, TV JP News, on the Panflix app and on Youtube.

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