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Intercept Games has finally made the announcement that the long-awaited sequel to the Kerbal space program “Scuffed NASA Simulator” will finally arrive in February 2023. In a new developer blog, Intercept Games looks at its main goals for the sequel and plans for the sequel. future, after the initial February release.

Of course they are listening closely to the KSP community as some core features that were once mods in the first game are now included. Interstellar travel, while not available from the start, will be a major component of Kerbal Space Program 2, allowing players to progress to sending Kerbals to neighboring star systems using light-speed travel. The Intercept also continues to feature full-size colonies on planets, which in itself was another hugely popular mod for the first KSP.

KSP2’s general systems also seem to be getting tons of smoothing and refinement. The user interfaces and experiences feel much easier to use and don’t require an engineering degree to navigate like they used to. The Intercept also showed the ability to show a sense of style in vehicles with much deeper customization in vehicles and rockets.

An often overlooked but critical part of any game’s longevity, especially on PC, is its mod scene. The Intercept pulls no punches on this front, hiring one of the Kerbal Space Program’s most prominent vehicle modders to be part of the team and continually expressing a desire to work with the mod community to improve the experience. Mentions of efficiency with mods, mod versions, and streamlined packaging processes indicate that KSP2 is likely to have a big advantage with custom mods, even in its early stages, when it launches.

However, the biggest feature downfall in the video is the inclusion of multiplayer. That said, few details have been revealed as the Intercept intends to release this feature later in development. The Kerbal Space Center, or KSC, has been greatly expanded to reflect the inclusion of multiplayer with four usable launch pads for rockets and two landing pads for other aircraft. There could be a lot less player legwork needed to build bases on other planets and even massive servers of entire space agencies run by people in the Kerbal system.

The Kerbal Space Program will enter Early Access on PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam on February 24, 2023.

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