Kevin Spacey accused of sexual assault

Kevin Spaceywho was ordered to pay more than 30 million euros because of the scandal with House of cards last august was acquitted in his civil trial of sexually assaulting actor Anthony Rapp50, a fellow professional who had accused him of trying to force him to meet at his New York apartment when I was only 14 years old. After about 80 minutes of deliberations, the erstwhile jurors (one of whom was absent due to health issues) decided that the award-winning translator, 63, is not responsible for a civil sexual assault claimwhy you won’t have to pay the $40 million in damages that the prosecution had asked him about the events that allegedly took place in 1986.


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The jury determined in its “unanimous” verdict that the translator of American beauty don’t skip this night with Rapp, who had attended a party at Spacey’s apartment, then 26 years old. Plaintiff testified that Kevin was intoxicated and that he induced him to take him to the house in an aggressive manner. “I was trapped. I did not know what to doAnthony explained in his testimony, in which he made it clear that he regretted the age difference both are known for having been part of the cast of several Broadway musicals.

The main character of LA ConfidentialWhat will stand trial in June 2023 in another sex crime case in London, states that he does not remember the meeting even months before the case sorry for what could have been “deeply inappropriate behavior of a babe”to sign in afterwards in a rehabilitation center. “We are very grateful to the juror for seeing through these false accusationsKevin’s lawyers confirmed.


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In a statement on his social accounts, Rapp, who did not comment on the verdict, thanked the jurors for hearing the case. “This request, which was presented as part of a wider movement, aimed to shine a light on all forms of sexual violence. I promise to continue to make every effort to ensure that we can live and work in a world free from aggression of any kind. I sincerely hope that the survivors will continue to tell their stories and fight for disclosure of accounts”, the actor also wrote.

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