Kiko Rivera was rushed to a hospital in Seville after suffering a stroke

Kiko Rivera was admitted urgently to Hospital Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla, second adelantaba this morning the program fiesta of Telecinco and it was possible to confirm ¡HOLA!. Isabel Pantoja’s son has come to the hospital center around las tres de la dawn after suffering an ictus, as explained by his wife Irene Rosales, who also wanted to reassure her about her state of health, stating that she was “well” and “under medical supervision”. the family is so much of what happened from the first moment.


La mujer del DJ arrived this morning at the hospital to be there for your husband in this difficult time. The first hour of the afternoonputting aside his differences with his brother, Issa Pantoja also went to the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville, accompanied by her current partner Asraf Beno, to inquire about her health.. Hopefully, her mother Isabel Pantoja will also visit, as Irene confirmed. However, until the plant passes, only the woman can be with it in the dwelling. Her cousin Annabelle, who was unable to make it to the hospital but assured she would be ready, is relaxed at the event she attended this afternoon and is confident “everything will be fine”.

Ayer jueves el DJ explained to his followers that he is sick and is again affected by his usual health problems, a small contract that had forced him to cancel some of his musical engagements, but which he did not attach much importance to. It’s worth remembering that gout problems have been going on for years. However, Everything seems complicated and the little boy who remembers Pakiri needs to go to the emergency hospital. A major setback that would come on the same day his latest Vudú music release debuted.

– The first words of Irene Rosales after the stroke suffered by her husband Kiko Rivera


Despite the distance between his mother and sister, Kiko had a very pleasant time with his wife. Irene Rosales, the couple celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary at the beginning of this October, showing us a precious image from their wedding day to the one that the DJ wrote, “6 years have passed today and it seems like it was a year ago. more beautiful days of my life. Mezcla de nervios y felicidad. Thanks for everyone.”

-Isabel Pantoja, a step closer to her son on the birthday of Pakiri’s death

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