Klara Castanho makes her first statement after exposing the rape: "The last few days were not easy"Entertainment 

Klara Castanho makes her first statement after exposing the rape: “The last few days were not easy”

The artist said she decided to speak out because she knows many people are worried about her

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Klara Castanho has made a new statement on social networks after the exposure of sexual violence

actress clear brown she made her first statement after discovering that she was a rape victim, became pregnant and gave the child up for donation. On her social networks, she has thanked the support she has received since the story became public. “The last few days have not been easy, but I wanted to come here to thank you for every word of love, love and welcome that I have received and received. All this love has been very important to me and I needed to share my gratitude with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”, wrote the artist in a post on Instagram. Klara explained that she decided to speak out because she knows that many people want to know how she is after everything that has happened. “I know that many of you are worried about me, but I want to say that I am taking care of myself, I am doing psychological follow-up and I am still surrounded by professionals who work to preserve my rights”, explained the actress.

“I want to thank my family, my friends, my professional colleagues, the fans who accompany me and also the serious and responsible press that has respected me at this moment,” concluded the artist, who disabled the comments of the publication. In an open letter published on June 25, Klara, 21, reported that she became pregnant after being a victim of sexual violence. In the post, the actress said that the attending doctor had no empathy and made her listen to the child’s heart, while the nurses threatened to release the story that eventually became public. Even forced, the actress decided to give the child up for adoption, as she did not feel prepared to become a mother. “You have no idea the pain I feel. All I did was thinking to protect the child’s life and future. Every step is documented and in accordance with the law. The child deserves to be raised by a loving family.”


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