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KM Whatsapp v9.30 Updated 2022 to 2022

KM Whatsapp updated in 2022 – KM Whatsapp download

KM WhatsApp was updated in 2022 offers the best interface that millions of people use this apk. KM WhatsApp: is the best conversation app. Once you can download any WhatsApp app, you can find out how to install it KM WhatsApp 2022: Follow this, I give installation options

KMWhatsApp: can be perfectly considered one of the best Modified Whatsapp 2022 that exists at the moment, as in it we can find all the features that are available in this type of application, except for the special style of the iPhone.

Like many other changes, KMWhatsApp: is based on the most popular existing MoD, Fuad WhatsApp: from which it inherits all its functions, but its programmer Kharis adds a few to its application, which make it very complete.


Delta WhatsApp Ultra v3.9.1 Updated in 2021

WhatsApp Aero 9.11 has been updated

FM Whatsapp 9.11 has been updated

WhatsApp GB Pro v14.00 Updated:

KM Whatsapp updated in 2022 – KM Whatsapp download

What are the key features of KM Whatsapp?

As already mentioned, it is based on Fouad WhatsApp, so we will find the same personalization, privacy, security և other additional features as many others that we will not find in Fouad, such as message bombs, answering machines, schedule messages. և etc.

in: The main features From KMWhatsApp we can separate:

  • Automatic answer.
  • Message schedule:
  • iOS style home redesign
  • IG story style
  • bomb messages
  • Hundreds of themes are available for download.
  • State privacy հնարավորություն Ability to write up to 250 characters.
  • Many privacy options.
  • Hide our contact status with contacts.
  • Up to 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
  • Upload any type of file up to 50 MB.
  • Increase video upload limit by up to 700 MB.
  • Ability not to click on the sent photos to not lose quality.
  • Passwords are protected by private conversations.
  • And much more, which you will have to discover for yourself.

Here is a complete list of new features latest version 9.30 :

Version 9.30

  • Unique call rejection options added
  • Exclusive double touch to enjoy ?? message!
  • Enable “My Contacts Except…” privacy feature.
  • Enable Send any emoticons in response. Click on the “+” icon
  • Turn on the “Listen” voice memo after exiting the background conversation
  • Added “No internet (only” Call left) “option for call rejection type ????
  • Added “Direct link link” option for chats (Chat, 3 points).
  • – Allows you to quickly share any Whatsapp contact without sending your saved data
  • Added Confirm Status Before Sending (File / Video) Option (FMMods, Screen Display)
  • Added “Backup conversation” option to block the page
  • More translation languages ​​have been added to the chat: “Vietnamese”, “Tamil”, “Urdu”, “Gujarati”, “Punjabi”, “Bengali”
  • Added the ability to set “Search the web” or use Emoji for a profile picture
  • The various FMTthemes և Backup / Restore settings page now shows the location of the folder
  • The Misc FMThemes folder has been moved to / Download / FMTthemes
  • Misc Now can be installed directly on other modes.
  • Improved Start moving to a new location in the WA folder
  • Improved settings for FMMods translation
  • Various Improved Anti-Ban
  • Corrected showing hidden chat in search
  • Fixed calls on some phones have been fixed
  • Group privacy has been fixed, which is not in group settings
  • Fixed copy title for media
    Normal backup was fixed at 2 o’clock
  • The accidental crash of the auto-reply page on some phones has been fixed
  • Message responses will be marked as read (if the hide blue mark is on). There is no need to answer after making a blue tick.

Version 9.25.

  • [Adicionado] Copy the comment function to the media (image / video). select image / video> 3 points> Copy comment
  • [Adicionado] Ability to configure “Search the web” or use Emoji for a profile picture
  • [Ativado] Response function (click և save any message)
  • [Ativado] Stop և resume recording voice memo
  • [Ativado] New privacy settings (excluding contacts) for the most recent: profile picture
  • [Correção] Fake antivirus / antivirus programs
  • [Correção] Blue voice memo microphone icon problem on main screen
  • [Correção] Confirmation of video calls
  • [Correção] The WA Bots menu cannot be clicked
  • [Correção] WAMOD line style silence indicator
  • [Correção] Translate messages shows the copied message
  • [Outros] Improved anti-ban
  • [Outros] Many other fixes and improvements to KMWhatsApp

Version 9.21.

  • [Base] New basic version
  • [Adicionado] EXCLUSIVE. “Save to Gallery” option when media visibility is turned off.
  • [Ativado] New contact profile UI design
  • [Ativado] Messages disappear, more options (24 hours, 7 days, 90 days)
  • [Adicionado] Status view notification (Mods> Home screen). Find out right away when people see your status
  • [Readicionado] In-app translation:
  • [Adicionado] Option to convert the translation mode through the application or GTranslate (Mods> Chat Screen> Translation Option)
  • [Adicionado] Show the total number of messages View all posts on the screen
  • [Adicionado] View all message screens in the message (newest) և top (oldest) scroll buttons
  • [Adicionado] Delete backup now removes all data from old backups. Save more space. (Mod>:
  • Universal> Backup և Restore> Empty)
  • [Adicionado] Tamil translation inside the app
  • [Adicionado] Translation of some versions
  • [Correção] The KMWA backup folder takes up a lot of storage space
  • [Correção] The widget opens without crashing the app
  • [Correção] The version of the phone call sometimes gave the wrong number
  • [Outros] Many other fixes and improvements to KMWhatsApp

Version 9.12.

  • [Adicionado] com.yowhatsapp package:
  • [Outros] Error correction և Performance improvements in KMWhatsApp

Version 9.11.

  • [Base] New basic version
  • [Adicionado] Mark as open / visible for once viewing
  • [Adicionado] Bulk messages can send images / videos
  • [Adicionado] Sending a mass message (broadcast in multiple groups / chats)
  • [Adicionado] Preview image / video download once
  • [Adicionado] View all messages sent by a contact in the group (click on name)
  • [Adicionado] Option to change the color of dots in a row (Mods> Home screen> Lines)
  • [Corrigido] Mods> Home Screen> Status> 5 Minute Status:
  • [Corrigido] Upload full resolution images
  • [Outros] Error correction և Performance improvements in KMWhatsApp

Version 8.96.

  • [Adicionado] Anti-View Eleven. You can watch “once” unlimited images / videos indefinitely
  • [Adicionado] save the profile picture
  • [Adicionado] All dialogs are now in dark / light mode
  • [Redesenhado] pin lock screen
  • [Redesenhado] pattern lock screen
  • [Correção] Sending more than 30 galaxies
  • [Correção] The number 0 does not appear on the lock screen of some phones
  • [Outro] Error correction և Performance improvement

Version 8.87.

  • [Adicionado] Extension of the term

Version 8.86.

  • [Adicionado] Automatic answer.
  • [Adicionado] Message schedule:
  • [Adicionado] The style of IG stories.
  • [Adicionado] Options for downloading history (copy title, share և etc.).
  • [Adicionado] Long click on “Copy Subtitle” for download options.
  • [Adicionado] Option to hide the privacy alert (Universal> Hide privacy message). You can hide it without accepting it.
  • [Adicionado] Home և sidebar to show / hide file conversation (options in MOD ++).
  • [Adicionado] Warning when restoring backup messages.
  • [Adicionado] When whatsapp has expired, there are two ways to duplicate messages.
  • [Adicionado] KMWA has extended the term of the new privacy policy until 2022.
  • [Adicionado] Color to change the background of IG Stories.
  • [Adicionado] Sliding drawers և profile pictures at home.
  • [Adicionado] Complicated text in conversations, reply to messages, create status ուց popup messages.
  • [Adicionado] Home screen transitions.
  • [Adicionado] 5 minute status / story connection option.
  • [Adicionado] Option to increase the initial limit to 250. (Instead of 5).
  • [Adicionado] Message bomb, not recommended.

Version 8.80.

  • [Base] New basic version
  • [Adicionado] New ways to download history (copy title, share և etc.)
  • [Adicionado] FMThemes automatically switches to dark / light mode
  • [Adicionado] Option to hide the privacy alert (Universal> Hide privacy message). You can hide it without accepting it.
  • [Movido] Long click on “Copy Subtitle” for download options.
  • [Correção] Storage product failure
  • [Correção] The contact name is not clearly indicated in the title reference
  • [Correção] Wallpaper themes do not apply to some phones
  • [Correção] YoWA input does not accept background color
  • [Correção] Full backup does not work on Android 11+
  • [Adicionado] Translations for audio converter options
  • [Melhoria] Improving other translations
  • [Outro] Other corrections: improvements

Version 8.70.

  • [Adicionado] Exclusive. A voice converter for voice notes has been added (Communication> 3 points> Voice Converter). Record the voice note և send it
  • [Adicionado] Exclusive. preview և confirm before sticking or sticking (FMMods> Chat)
  • [Adicionado] Option to delete downloaded emoji packages
  • [Adicionado] The line shown on the scattered screen now gets the color of the themes
  • [Correção] Slow group messages
  • [Outros] WhatsApp has extended the deadline for the new privacy policy until May 15.
  • [Outro] Many other corrections and improvements

Version 8.51.

  • [Correção] Random error when using bottom line styles
  • [Correção] Chat opening error
  • [Correção] Scissors in FAB, which appear in the call tab
  • [Correção] Action UI tabs change color after each line is clicked.
  • [Correção] Failed to transfer
  • [Corrigido] Other minor errors were corrected
  • [Correção] Decrease in unread status indicator

How to install KM WhatsApp?

if we go install KMWhatsApp For the first time on our device we will have to follow a series of important but very simple steps, which we will discuss below.

  1. Back up our chats, then go to Menu> Settings> Chats> Backup և and click Save.
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp or the change you made. Recommended uninstall from Google Play.
  3. If you have not already done so, enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Sources” option. Depending on the Android version of your device:
    • From Android 5.0 7. Turn on “Install from Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Sources” option. It is usually located in Phone Settings> Security.
    • Android 8 or higher. Go to Device Settings> Applications. Here we are looking for the application from which we are going to install the downloaded APK, any device manager ներում in advanced settings click Install applications from unknown sources ացնել activate the option. NOTE. Clicking on the APK to install also allows us to enter settings to enable this option.
  4. Download the APK application (available below)
  5. Click on the APK և to follow the typical installation steps, such as confirming the number, restoring the backup, or entering the nickname or name.
  6. When you open it for the first time, click NEVER when you are asked how often you want to upload duplicates to Google Drive. No mod can work with Google Drive.

How to update KMWhatsApp?

Update KMWhatsApp it’s much easier than installing, just download the latest version of the same package we installed on our device և click on it.

To find out which package we have installed on our device, just go to Menu> Settings> Help> Application Info և here, depending on what we have installed, we can see if we have a com.whatsapp package or com. kmwhatsapp package: .

KM Whatsapp updated in 2022 – KM Whatsapp download

KM Whatsapp v9.30 Updated:

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