Knicks snatch center clippers Isaiah Hartenstein in free agencySports Update 

Knicks snatch center clippers Isaiah Hartenstein in free agency

The New York Knicks chose Los Angeles Clippers backup center Isaiah Hartenstein after landing Jalen Bronson.

Hartenstein agreed to sign a two-year, fully guaranteed $16 million deal with the Knicks, According to Shams Al-Shaaraniyah, the athlete.

Brunson and Hartenstein are clients of the Creative Artists Agency, with Knicks president Leon Rose becoming a powerful agent for the National Basketball Association before becoming the team’s CEO.

Hartenstein shares the same dealership (Aaron Mintz) with one-time Knicks All-Star Julius Randle.

The 7-foot-tall German-American center was strong for the Clippers as Ivica Zubak’s reserve. Hartenstein averaged 8.3 points, 2.4 assists, 4.9 rebounds and 1.1 blocks in 18 minutes off the bench. He shot well on the outside, albeit at a small sample size, sinking 14 of his 30 three-pointers last season.

Hartenstein is expected to replace Nerlence Noel as the Knicks are reported to return starting center Mitchell Robinson to a lucrative four-year deal using his bird rights.

Noel traded with the Detroit Pistons, along with Alec Burks, to open up a cover space for Bronson.

Hartenstein was the Houston Rockets’ second-round pick in 2017. After two unproductive seasons with the Rockets, Hartenstein worked his way up to becoming a strong spinning bit in the NBA. He led the Rio Grande Valley Vipers to the 2018-19 NBA G League Championship, winning the MVP award at the Finals after scoring 33 points from eight three-pointers.

He returned to the NBA playing as a backup for Nikola Jokic in Denver before being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Gaval McGee. The Clippers planned to re-sign Hartenstein this season using the mid-level taxpayer exception until John Wall became available.

Hartenstein would provide a new dimension to the Knicks’ central spin with his perimeter shooting ability and passing ability, something that Robinson and Jericho Sims have yet to show.

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