He’s a bad boy. She’s got that innocent good girl glow.

One night at a house party Anya finds herself in his bedroom in need of a phone. Knight thinks he’ll never see her again.

Until Anya needs rescuing at a nightclub, Knight realizes she’s more than he thought. But Knight is definitely in some very questionable dealings in his career. It will either drive Anya away or make her overcome the roadblocks.

There’s something about this story that speaks in your mind as you read each page. It’s a primal type of relationship.

Our thoughts: You have to approach this book for what it is, it’s not meant to be your ideal romance that you’re going to find in real life. Knight can be controlling, manipulative and borderline scary. Not what you want in real life. But in the book? It’s sexy, it’s a read that glues your eyes to the page as you watch the sexy relationship between Knight and Anya.

This is a book to read when you have a few hours and a bottle of wine. We love Kristen Ashley’s style, tantalizing relationships.

Knight is the first book in a series of bad boys.

Overview: Knight and Anya have a sexy tantalizing relationship that curl your toes.Published: April 7, 2012
Theme: Bad Boy Alpha Male, Bikers, Male Dominant/Female Submissive
Hero: Knight is a bad boy who treats his woman like gold and cherishes the ground she walks on.
Heroine: Anya needs someone to look out for her.
The Sex: Hott, it’s really hott.
The Writing: Kristen Ashley herself calls Knight the anti-hero, and that’s true. The “daddy” was a bit too much for me. A bit creepy. It also seemed like the anti-hero plot line was taken a bit too far.