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Moto Fácil RP Franchise is the first franchise network focused on the commercial and financial mediation of negative people in Brazil. That’s why today we consider it important to offer information about this company, as well as inform how to invest.

What is the history of Moto Easy RP Franchise?

The franchise started in 2013 out of a need to be able to finance the vehicles of a family resale shop. Thus, with the experience of car resale and financing, carried out by financial agents who worked directly for the company. They offered this same service.

In fact, the company’s goal is to fully support customers and franchisees to achieve a level of satisfaction with the services offered. For this, it has a differential of 0 km as the second-hand car resale market leader for motorcycles and negatives throughout Brazil.

Thus, it offers the franchisee its own installment plan, which is an unprecedented product without competition. By the way, with testing and completely passed. Headquartered in San Jose do Rio Preto – SP.

Finally, it offers franchisee 4 franchise models: Traditional, Home, Kiosk and Micro Franchise.

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How much does the Moto Fácil RP franchise cost?

Before introducing patent costs, we will introduce the meaning of some terms such as:

  • Franchise fee. refers to the use of the brand and the support that will be offered by the franchisee;
  • Repair and standardization. costs are associated with store facilities. That is, focused on infrastructure and standardization according to the models offered by the franchisor;
  • Working Capital. the amount needed to hold cash and thus operate the company until it starts making a profit or sustaining itself without injecting money;
  • Royalties. monthly expenses, taking into account the calculation of the licensed unit. Generally, the franchisee charges itself for the use of the brand.

Acquiring a Moto Fácil RP franchised unit offers the franchisor’s proposed investment value and financial returns for the franchisee’s analysis;

  • Capital requirement for placement: 5,000.00 BRL to 10,000.00 BRL;
  • Franchise fee: BRL 25,000.00 to BRL 80,000.00;
  • Working capital requirement: 100,000.00 BRL to 150,000.00 BRL;
  • Physical space requirement within 30 mtwo and 90 mtwo;
  • Average monthly bill: R$ 50,000.00;
  • Investment return period: 24 to 36 months;
  • royalties; 1 minimum wage;
  • Advertisement; not charged;
  • Profitability: 40% on revenue;
  • Between 1 and 4 collaborators needed

Is it worth investing in a negative credit offer franchise?

For negative people, a loan offer franchise can be a good investment option. Because a good part of the Brazilian population is negative. In addition, another party may pay the financing. And just because he didn’t pay one bill doesn’t mean he can’t pay them all.

It is actually a risky investment, but since every business involves risk, the profit in terms of interest rates can be attractive. In fact, the interest rates tend to be higher because the risk analysis for negatives involves more risk.

You will handle all the paperwork, from completing registration to obtaining financing with the franchisee. Choosing to work in the specific niche of these negatives, his clients tend to be larger because defaults in Brazil are high.

Thus, there is a high demand from customers who want to invest in buying motorcycles and cars. However, they are impossible due to SPC and/or SERASA restriction.

In addition, by choosing to work with a franchise, you already have all the advantages offered by a franchise, which are:

  • Consolidated brand in the market;
  • Instant invoicing facility;
  • Provide support for operations and processes by the franchisee;
  • Gain more trust from customers because they already know the brand;
  • Higher and faster profitability;
  • The market is heating up because there is demand. Additionally, there is no competition in this type of financing benefits for negative people.

Among other available advantages: Finally, investing in the Moto Fácil RP franchise can be a great investment and profit as there is no competition for this type of business.

So you just have to tap into the blue sea and profit from motorcycle and car financing for negative people. So, make the investment because there is a high chance of success in this endeavor.

See what success is on the Internet.

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