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With the re-opening of the country’s economy, much has been published about the PM MG (Military Police of Minas Gerais) competition, including public notice. Thus, the document provides information about the number of vacancies and the requirements for the admission of candidates to the proposed positions.

Therefore, the available vacancies are intended for participants with a full higher education who intend to start a military career. Finally, distribution and organization was carried out by the Military Police Recruitment and Selection Center of Minas Gerais.

Learn more about the PM MG competition

In this scenario, there were a total of 2,821 vacancies for combat personnel. Furthermore, 349 posts are available for Health Officers, LL.D. Officers and Specialist Soldiers, but these are contested through a parallel selection process.

Also PM MG competition deadline and public notification for each of them are different from each other. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct schedule, starting with the confirmation of the position to which the document refers.


Therefore, the interested party registration period runs from March 1 to March 30, 2023. The form can be filled out through the official website of the Military Police of Minas Gerais, where there will be all the necessary steps. Process step.

Additionally, the candidate has to pay $101.00 reais to complete the registration. The payment can be made directly through the banking application, at the nearest lottery shop or at the recipient’s bank branch.


Generally, within what is known about the PM MG competition, the salary references are usually good and satisfactory for those who are established. This is even one of the reasons why the selection process is somewhat controversial.

Thus, the initial salary for the position of combat soldier at the higher education level is 4,360.83 reais. This amount, in the future, may have different numbers and reach 11,037.14 rials.

PM MG Contest Post Assignments

It is clear that each of the mentioned professions will have different functions to contribute to the military institution. In the case under discussion, the priority task will be operational policing with the aim of suppressing and fighting crime in the state in previously designated areas.

Also, the new civil servant, after being confirmed in the prime ministerial contest, must guarantee order and public safety, relying on actions that promote the fundamental rights of all citizens. With this, social peace is the ultimate goal of the duties of the office.

PM MG Competition Exams

Among the open selection processes, the first one that uses the test is the processes aimed at accepting combat-ready servicemen. Actually, the date announced in the Official Notification will be May 7, 2023.

The test, considered the 1st stage of the evaluation, will contain 50 objective questions, distributed as follows: Portuguese language (20 questions), English language (05 questions), literature (05 questions), logical and mathematical reasoning (10 questions). ) and concepts of law and human rights (10 questions).

In this context, in order to be selected, a candidate must achieve a ranking position in the number of vacancies offered. Also, obtain a minimum of 60% of the marks allotted to the test.

Second and third rounds of the PM MG competition

Here, the analysis of the pre-approved participant’s physical and psychological tendencies will take place, both of which have a classifying and elimination character in the selection process.

As a rule, the third stage is still divided into three assessment models: physiological control (FC), medical assessment (AM) and physical capacity test (TCF).

The latter, in turn, consists of 3 performance testing formats: abdominal endurance strength with 30 repetitions, arm endurance strength on a fixed line with static and dynamic flexion, and cardiorespiratory endurance with a 2400 meter run.

PM MG competition results

According to the latest public notice published, the results are expected to be displayed on November 20, 2023, which is the same date when the application for registration will start.

By the way, remembering that to know more about the PM MG contest, the official document is open on the website, where you can check some other prerequisites for participation, such as Brazilian nationality and age group above 18 years. Check it out.

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