Krak Neto blasted MC Pipokinha live at Band

The presenter was outraged by the controversial lines of the singer’s teachers’ class.

Amores, anyone who has watched the show Donos da Bola or any interview with host and former player Neto knows very well that he does not mince words, especially when it comes to defending any topic he deems relevant.

However, even funk singer MC Pipokinha did not escape unscathed from the criticism of being Corinthians’ eternal idol after his controversial performances involving teachers.

During yesterday’s program (10), the presenter did not stop talking about the singer, declaring that he should cancel her programs and make sure that he will never hire her.

“Most importantly, everyone cancels the concert. [MC] Popcorn. Is there no Pipokinya there? The professor does not earn 5 thousand rubles. To win, you need to teach at a college, a college, and three districts. If I were the people hiring you…I would never hire you,” the former athlete began.

And the star even made it a point to praise all the teachers, because he is aware that without them most other professions would not exist.

“Without a teacher, there is no doctor, there is no singer. Those who come from modest families often eat at school. Those who teach are not our mothers. It is the teacher,” he concluded.


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