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Kyle Daukaus spoke positively. will not quarrel with Anders

ORLANDO, Fla. — UFC middleweight Kyle Daukaus has had some of the ups and downs of the UFC, but he looks set to be back on track when he faces Eryk Anders at UFC Orlando on Saturday night.

Daukaus (11-3) is coming off a first-round KO loss to Roman Dolidze in June at UFC Austin.

“Staying positive is what a fighter has to do. What I do 24/7 I have a little notebook and stuff like that. that I keep track of how my day is going how was the training Something like that,” Daukaus told the media on Wednesday.

“I said in a previous interview that my last fight ended really quickly. It’s not true…don’t feel too sad about the loss in any way. Just because it ended so quickly And so it is.

The fight lasted only a minute and was over before Daukaus realized what had happened.

“So I really didn’t have time to think about it or anything like that. I have more time to worry about my face and things. Just worrying about the next fight.”

Keeping a diary is something Daukaus took from his former teammates and has done so ever since.

“Back when I was an early professional, my training partner Zach Makovsky. who was in the UFC before, gave me a few books to read,” he said.

“I think it’s something everyone can do better. A lot of guys and fighters think they have to be brutes and like that. ‘My thoughts don’t mean anything to me. I’m just going to go in there and kill somebody’ and do everything and not You have to be serious about yourself.”

Performing in front of thousands of fans could get into a fighter, as Daukaus alluded to.

“Going out there and fighting in front of the fans is nervous and you have to go out there and perform. Some men can open it and some can’t. So I think it’s very difficult for fighters to cope and admit to themselves that they need it,” Daukaus said.

“I think that’s the biggest problem. Men don’t admit they want to. But when you have You are doing great.”

Daukaus deals with Eryk Anders, who is known for his ugly fights. turn it into a quarrel and force the opponent to abandon the game plan

“I’m not going to make it a quarrel. I don’t want it to be a fight. The more controversial, the more in favor of him,” he said.

“I had to be technical, cool, cool and introverted and go out and be the best version of myself. Obviously, I want the best Eryk to be there and challenge me.”

Watch the all-day media fight with Kyle Daukaus above. Daukaus meets Eryk Anders at UFC Orlando on Dec. 3.

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