La Fundaci贸n Intheos brings together leading oncology researchers

Last week, Inteos Foundation gathered in the bedroom prestigious oncologists in cancer cell therapy International Symposium on Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors馃嚙馃嚪 A meeting that managed to gather prominent researchers both from our country and beyond our borders.

While celebrating virtually, numerous international experts in the field were able to join in and the conversation was a complete success. The agenda of the meeting, usually focused on cancer cell therapy, returned to talk about bispecific antibody therapy, which, like the treatment with immune cells from the patient, extracted and manipulated so that they are effective in their fight against cancer, succeed in attracting the patient’s immune cells to the site where the tumor cells are.

These are innovative treatments that are beginning to be called redirection treatments for the patient’s immune cells because they direct the cells to where the tumor is (‘Recruiting T cells‘) and is one of the most important lines in the fight against cancer when it is resistant to conventional immunotherapy.

This “triggering of T cells” suggests major advances in new immune therapies to convert “cold tumors” (unrecognized by the immune system) into “hot tumors” (inflamed) where the patient’s immune system has already identified them. as an enemy.

Thus, during the symposium, the indications and new developments, approaches and technologies of cell therapy (personalized vaccines, TCRs and CAR-T cells) in the fight against cancer, especially in patients with non-hematological tumors, will be updated.

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