La Infanta Sofia, the great absentee from the visit of the Kings and Princess Leonor al Pueblo Exemplar

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The royal family’s journey now continues through Cadavedo, a parish whose preparation takes weeks of detail and much joy to visit. The big absentee is the Infanta Sofia, who was unable to join the Kings and Princess Leonor when she found herself uncontested and had to stay at the Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo. There are many illusions that they have that they use their streets, their landscapes and their customs, but they also receive a recognition that unites them forever with the heredera al trone: the award for the Pueblo Ejemplar 2022 framed in the Princess of Asturias that the Afternoon of Viernes was celebrated at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo.

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It was an hour later than expected when the clock was set to 12.57, the royal visit began with the arrival of Don Felipe, Doña Leticia and her son the mayor in a municipality where there is only room for the jubilation and party without import la lluvia con la que hamanecido y que hace ceased in mean. I was warmly welcomed and was there for more than five minutes, handing out vecinos waiting in the streets, some in regional costumes, and many Principado flags.

Los Reyes and la Princesa were received on the shallow coast of Asturias by the authorities who experienced this trip with intensity, given that the visit was to Cadavedo and his 435 vehicles on the map in a special way. La ruta, que en ¡HOLA! We tell you minute by minute, we started with a walk along Manuel Ferrería Pico Street, which implies a brief overview of history through the traditional viviendas, hechas con teja y pizarra or las casonas. The next act was popular folklore with the exhibition of Jota de Cadavéu, the creation of which takes place in the fourteen and fifties of the twentieth century, based on the music of potpourri. The translation is handled by five peers of the above-mentioned formation.

A short meeting of the royal family with representatives of the tourism and business sectors of the city will take place meters below the Casa Montero panel. Behind that, they go up to Quintana at Casa Josefina to learn about the craftsmanship that Cadavedo strives to keep alive. Los Reyes and Leonor have the opportunity to see how María Teresa Pérez Mendez and María del Rosario Nieto Fernández dress and mend the typical Asturian costumes and gifts that the members of the Popular, Cultural and Entertainment Society La Regalina wear in prima danza and lucen during your celebration. At this point, the family of González Fernández will know, an example of how traditions are maintained from generation to generation in this Ejemplar Pueblo, which is 18 kilometers from Luarca (the capital of the council of Valdez).

Culture is of great importance in this place, which hosts initiatives such as Theater Month (this November), the Fernán Coronas Asturian Language Poetry Award and the Semana Cultural del Padre Galo. That is why the theater group El Óligo will give its special welcome to the royal family, reciting three poems that evoke the feelings of pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela. Y es que una de las rutas goes right through Cadavedo. However, Maria Regla Rico Iglesias, one of the members of the aforementioned formation, will present a dossier on the history and tradition of the route.

In the last part of the act, Princess Leonor will take the floor again to give a speech addressed to all the neighbors of this place that it is possible for Cadavedo to be elected Pueblo Ejemplar 2022. Also Don Felipe will give a speech. In addition, a commemorative plaque will be unveiled and the colofon a la journey will organize a banquet with vecinos.

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