Landslide on BR-376: Firefighters end search for victims in Parana

According to the latest bulletin, crews were able to enter ‘all areas’ with the possibility of survivors and vehicles this Friday, the 2nd, concluding operations.

Ari Dias/AENResearch in Paraná
Initially, firefighters work with the hypothesis of 30 to 50 missing due to the accident.

O Fire Department e Money The search for victims or survivors ended this Friday afternoon, the 2nd mudslide on BR-376, which took place last Monday, the 28th. According to the latest bulletin from the state emergency committee, crews were able to enter “all possible victim or vehicle areas,” where dog searches were also conducted. , but no victims or new vehicles were found. The rescue operation in the landslide region started a few hours after the landslide and lasted 96 hours. A team will remain at the scene, with a fire and rescue vehicle, for preventive work. The Scientific Police also ended the active search for the persons who were considered missing in connection with the accident. In total, in the channel made available by the state for contacting families, 22 calls were received and 15 people were found in other contexts that are not related to the landslide. Initially, firefighters work with the hypothesis of 30 to 50 missing from the accident. However, updated official figures show 14 people directly involved in the landslide, with two bodies already found and identified, six people rescued with their lives and six other victims who managed to escape from vehicles without needing help. Official data also reduced the number of vehicles dragged and buried by the mud. In total, six trucks and three light vehicles were removed. Despite the closure of the search in the district, the concessionaire “Arteris Litoral Sul” continues the work on the highway, carrying out the removal of materials and carrying out works for the recovery and reopening of the road, while traffic continues to be interrupted, without predicting any release date.

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