Lar dos Velhos Maria Maddalena completes 43 years of existence

The institute has 92 elderly men and women who have previously lived in a vulnerable situation

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An important support center for the elderly, Lar dos Velhinhos Maria Madalena, in Núcleo Bandeirante, completed 43 years of its foundation in 1980. is maintained by charitable donations made by the population of the square.

This Tuesday’s celebration (7) had a special birthday program, a morning prayer, in addition to a beautiful presentation by Coral Canta Brasília. In addition, the presentation of the seniors of the talent show took place at this special moment.

In the afternoon, the facility was attended by the Symphony Orchestra of the Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF), which played a varied repertoire of Brazilian and international music. After the presentation, it was time for congratulations and cake cutting. The elderly were then visited by the Canine Police Battalion (BPCÃES).

During the ceremonial opening, the executive director of the institution, Frederico Antonio, thanked the presence of the Military Police Band and other attendees. in an interview with Brazil newspaperFrederico highlighted the importance of the work being done in Lar dos Velhinhos and thanked the investors.

“It’s very fitting for us because knowing the story of so many seniors who could be living on the streets and having this reception, this home is so special to them. Home is something very important to us and to the Brazilian community. Our idea was never to have an old people’s home, but a residence for the elderly, being a very welcoming area,” he said.

During the ceremony, a tribute was paid to the Colombian architect Cesar Barney, who passed away last month. César was a pioneer in Brazil and one of the architects of Lar dos Velhos Maria Maddalena. His wife, Elvira Barney, received a bouquet of white roses from the director general. Cesar’s children with Elvira were also present at the institute.


To: JBR, the host 70-year-old Pedro Amaral said that he really liked the ceremony, especially the songs performed by the Military Police Symphony Group. “I think it’s great, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a live band. I recognized several songs that were played, including one by Tim Maia,” he said.

The old man has been living in Lar dos Velhos for about a year and eight months. He expressed that he likes the place very much because of the many companies he has created, besides, he gets great treatment from the employees of the area. “I am very fond of everything here, I am well known and I am friends with everyone. I am treated very well here,” said Pedro Amaral.

the institute

Currently, the home houses 92 elderly people from the capital, 45 women and 47 men, and is one of the largest charitable institutions in the Federal District, which has been operating in the field of reception, care and protection of the elderly for more than 40 years. lived in a certain vulnerable situation.

Activities developed with seniors include bingo, painting, physical activity, a healing garden, cognitive activities and social interactions. There are teams with social support, psychologists and therapists. The activities are carried out every day, and the elderly receive six meals a day.


Referral of the elderly attending Lar dos Velhinhos Maria Madalena is done through CRAS, which assesses the conditions in which the elderly are. The institute maintains an agreement with the government of the Federal District, but the aid does not cover all costs, as emphasized by the fundraiser of the institute, Giovanna Marquez.

“It turns out that we are very dependent on donations, we survive on donations and social ads, which are events, like a market, where we collect clothes, shoes, furniture. We also have monthly fundraisers with some of the needs we need the most,” he emphasized.

According to Geovanna, almost 500 units of diapers are used per day, more than ten thousand units of diapers per month. In addition, the home receives all kinds of donations, such as personal hygiene items, food, cleaning products and medicine. The main emergencies are diapers, rice and beans, but any help is welcome.

This March, thinking about the women’s month, the promotion of hygiene products is on the air. The institute asks you to pack shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, moisturizer, etc. Items that do not meet the needs of the elderly will be sold at the solidarity bazaar, and the money collected will be used to maintain the house and care for the elderly.


How to donate?

To donate, contact us by phone at (61) 3552-0504 / 98539-5962 / 99352-0912, leave your donation at the Donation Corner or at the Concierge, which is open 24 hours a day. For financial assistance, visit www.institutointegridade.org.br/doacao, which can be done using your card, bank check, bank transfer and PIX. Those who prefer may donate directly to the facility located at SMPW Stretch 3 Q 1 Conjunto A, Núcleo Bandeirante.


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