Latam jet turbine explodes before takeoff at Florianópolis; LOOKING

The accident with the plane, which was destined for Guarulhos Airport, in Sao Paulo, happened during taxiing.

The turbine of a Latam plane exploded in Florianópolis

Passengers on a plane Latam there was a great fright last Friday night, the 14th, at Florianopolis International AirportIN Santa Catarina. One of the aircraft’s turbines, which was intended for Guarulho AirportIN São Paulo, exploded during taxiing, shortly before departure. The plane was stopped for fifteen minutes on the main runway until it was taken to the terminal. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. Despite this, the new flight to the capital of São Paulo was delayed by five hours, arriving only at 2.30am (from Brasília). To make matters worse, the airline did not provide customer service. THE New pan, Latam said it is investigating the cause of the problem with the plane and that it strictly follows international and local safety standards. Regarding the delay in passenger assistance, the company preferred not to comment.

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