Latest Android Auto 8.6.1250 Beta activates Coolwalk For All and Material You Dark Theme [APK Download]

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Google has just pushed a new update to the Android Auto beta channel with v8.6.1250 which enables the new Coolwalk user interface (UI) for all the car’s head units. This update is available to all Android Auto users who have registered as beta testers. Coolwalk UI brings an updated look and feel to car displays.

Coolwalk is a modern and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to access their favorite apps and features on Android Auto. It features a clean and simple design that allows users to quickly find what they are looking for without cluttering it with unnecessary information.

One of the Coolwalk’s standout features is its multitasking split screen. This makes it easier for users to access useful information in one place. With the new Android Auto design, you can use maps, play music and see important notifications, all in one place.

Along with the new Coolwalk UI, Android Auto 8.6 also includes several other improvements and bug fixes. The app now loads faster and is more responsive, making it easier for users to access their apps and features on the go.

The update also includes Material You design for the phone app. It also features a redesigned dark theme that can be activated by enabling night mode on your Android device.

Overall, the new Coolwalk UI in Android Auto 8.6 is a welcome update that brings a fresh new look and feel to the app. With its personalized recommendations and improved performance, it makes it easier for users to access their favorite apps and features on the go.

Download the latest here Android Auto 8.6 beta apk with coolwalk for all car displays, The material you design and Dark theme in the phone settings application.

Android Auto app settings with custom material and dark theme

If you’re an Android Auto beta tester, follow this guide on how to force Coolwalk on any AA-enabled device.

Seevral Android Auto Car Head Units with Coolwalk INTERFACE

Read all about Android Auto Coodwalk UI here.

Android Auto 8.6.1250 Beta APK Download

To use Android Auto in your vehicle, you must have an Android phone with version 8.0 or higher and a high-quality USB cable for a wired connection.

It’s the full version Android Auto 8.6.1250 beta🇧🇷

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