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PvP players rejoice. Elden Ring patch 1.07 continues the trend set by 1.06, making updates that the PvP community has long requested, as well as some surprise system-level changes that are sure to get attention. The massive payroll of charm changes and nerfs for Ashes of War are also welcome.

One of the biggest updates is how FromSoftware can now balance the pool. Given the opportunity to tweak skills, weapons, armor, and other mechanics globally, they can directly drive specific changes when players enter a PvP situation. In this first step with the new system, attacks that drain stamina, stability damage, and War Ash have received significant changes.

Nearly front and center of the PvP-specific updates was a universal nerf to Dragon Communion Enchantations. If you’ve spent any time raiding the Elden Ring, you’ve no doubt encountered the Rotten Breath spell, which staggered, caused Scarlet Rot, and dealt immense damage. While it’s still too early to propose how much the nerf has done, this spell and others like it have long been a source of frustration for the community.

Still on the chopping block were status stocks when the Seppuku Ash of War and Fingerprint Shield were used twice. Expect to see a lot less stacking when using two weapons that deal status damage, meaning two Vyke’s Spears, Cross-Naginatas, Scavenger’s Curved Sword and others are now less effective. Seppuku has increased his self-damage and reduced the universal buildup of bleed, and the fingerprint should now theoretically be easier to protect.

The patch also made radical changes to the charm, touching almost all of the group’s spells and incantations. Most have received buffs, a few nerfs, but all have seen their effectiveness change in some way. The same goes for the many ash from containment you can put on your weapons. The list of updates is huge and the community will be testing everything for at least a few days to find out what is still viable and what can be thrown away.

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