Launch of Lenovo ThinkStation PX, P7 and P5 workstations

Lenovo introduces new ThinkStation workstations in the form of PX, P7 and P5. These machines are equipped with the latest Intel processors (up to 120 cores) and NVIDIA RTX cards. They were created in cooperation with the legendary car brand Aston Martin.

Lenovo today announced the first of the most technologically advanced workstations in the company’s portfolio. Talk about ThinkStation PX, P7 And P5whose cases were designed in collaboration with the brand Aston Martin.

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The devices are equipped with the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA RTX systems. We will also have an advanced cooling system and the ability to monitor the system remotely through the BMC controller. The devices were designed with augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning and 3D modeling. Rob Herman, vice president of Lenovo Workstation and Client AI Business, said:

The new workstations have been designed taking into account the needs of our customers. They should help achieve desired business outcomes and deliver innovative new solutions that customers can use for years to come. Through close cooperation with Intel®, NVIDIA and Aston Martin, we have succeeded in creating not only an extremely functional product, but also an elegant product in which high-end graphics, memory and computing power rest on a foundation solid.

Lenovo and Aston Martin collaboration has resulted in the creation of a new case

Thanks to the cooperation with Aston Martin, a new case for the P-series has been created. The automotive giant has done everything to preserve the character of Lenovo, while creating a product that will allow for possible expansion.

The front panel of the case is inspired by the legendary Aston Martin DBS GT car. The experience of the two companies has made it possible to achieve considerable possibilities in terms of airflow.

Lenovo ThinkStation PX

It is the flagship among the machines presented here ThinkStation PX. It is equipped with the latest 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors that they offer up to 120 cores.

Lenovo ThinkStation

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We can also count on support for up to four RTX 6000 Ada Generation 2-slot graphics cards. We can also install up to 4TB of DDR5 memory here, and all of this will be driven by a power supply with an output of 1850 watts.

Lenovo ThinkStation P7

He is next ThinkStation P7which supports Intel processors with up to 56 cores per socket. The station has been optimized for server cabinets thanks to the 4U enclosure.

Lenovo ThinkStation

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It can also face an office environment or in data centers. Here too we can count on the RTX 6000 Ada Generation cards, thanks to which we will not have problems creating various content and for advanced work.

Lenovo ThinkStation P5

The last workstation is ThinkStation P5which was designed to meet the challenges of many industries. It offers Intel processors with a maximum of 24 cores. It is also possible to use up to two RTX A6000 cards. With this configuration, which is supported e.g. DDR5 memory, we will not complain about the lack of performance during calculation-intensive tasks.

Lenovo ThinkStation

photo. Press release

Three new workstations will be released in May 2023. For more information, visit Lenovo’s website.

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