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Lauren Murphy destroys Miesha Tate’s flyweight debut, winning the verdict.

Lauren Murphy and Miesha Tate of UFC Long Island Credit: Youtube/UFC.

Miesha Tate makes her long-awaited flyweight debut at UFC Long Island.

Tate kicks off ABC’s main event with former flyweight contender Lauren Murphy.

Because Valentina Shevchenko, the women’s flyweight champion from the losing position. A strong performance could put “Cupcakes” on the short list for the next title shot.

Murphy found success early on. In a fight with a former champ, Tate stays on the sidelines and imposes his first takedown attempt from the former champ. She fell several times atop, with Tate showing a swelling in her right eye less than halfway through the round. Murphy then switched levels to overthrow her. but failed But Tate is upside down. Place Murphy on the fence, kneel, and work to overthrow her herself, as Tate did before. Murphy hurried back to her feet.

From there, the duo fought fiercely along the fence, with Tate trying to wrap his leg around Murphy’s for the expedition. but it doesn’t work

In the second round, Tate stomped and followed with his right hand. Murphy strikes the right of her own blood-stained Tate’s nose. Within the first 90 seconds, Murphy changes levels and takes control of Tate. Tate attempts up, but devours several punches from Murphy in the process. The ex-champion will make it up. Reverse. and reset in the middle But getting closer to the midpoint of the fight was clearly a letdown. Tate pressed on two or three hits in combos. after deciding Murphy was cut by an elbow. She will return to shoot again later.

However, Murphy was landing every time Tate closed his distance. She would land again, albeit briefly, although Tate showed an impressive balance of getting up and jumping with one foot while Murphy held onto the other, which ultimately couldn’t. Able to leave Tate

Tate then drove Murphy into the fence. As they reversed, Tate stooped a nasty elbow in a hug. Tate completed the hunt to topple.

On the third time, Tate connects with a low kick. Tate shifts levels for a later well-timed takedown, but Murphy is on top. They stood up again. They get engaged again, with Tate looking for a way to get things down, and Murphy falls to his knees. She then tags Tate’s injured eye. Tate takes a front-kick back to center, throws a jab, followed by her right hand. Ninety seconds left. They will start trading. Tate has gained a better exchange. which caused Murphy to shoot to take down. and Tate defended by attacking his neck straight up.

They want to trade with the doorbell. But there was no question who was the winner, although both women raised their hands in victory. If unsure, the results were written all over Tate’s face.

Official results: Lauren Murphy def. Miesha Tate by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

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