Lawmakers debate benefits PEC approval on CNNEntertainment 

Lawmakers debate benefits PEC approval on CNN

Federal MPs Orlando Silva (PCdoB/SP) and Sergeant Gurgel (PL/RJ) debated in a debate held on the sidelines of parliament after the PEC vote on benefits in the chamber was adjourned. CNN: this Saturday (9), the probability that the matter will be confirmed on Tuesday (12), when the next session was scheduled.

While Gurgel says he is confident the issue will be approved in two rounds, Silva says the opposition will continue to insist that President Jair Bolsonaro immediately issue decrees increasing the value of Auxílio Brasil.

A PCdoB MP criticizes the state of emergency decision that the PEC is proposing to extend aid to the population without respecting electoral law or financial responsibility.

“The Constitution provides for a state of defense, a state of siege for certain circumstances in the country, a state of disaster, which was established during an epidemic, but there is no state of emergency in the Brazilian Constitution. This PEC is a mechanism for the government to try to buy votes,” he says.

Increasing aid for MPs does not need a constitutional amendment. “This program already exists, and only the presidential decree will be enough to increase the value, which the opposition has always defended,” he says.

The MP’s argument was used by the opposition to delay the vote on the issue, as House Speaker Arthur Lira hoped the plenary session could consider and vote on the PEC as early as Thursday, when it would have the approval of a special committee. .

“Delay is natural for all controversial issues, even regarding the mechanisms that the office used to delay the votes,” says Gurgel. “I am sure that they will approve.”

The deputy of the government claims that, although it is an election year, this measure is necessary because the population needs it now. “Okay, it’s an election year, but the war (in Ukraine) happened now, and so did the oil boom,” he says.

“It’s more time for the deputies to think, I don’t consider this a problem, but a normal operation of the chamber. It’s about benefits.”

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