Leega points out how technology solutions can help companies that want to become data-driven

Leega, a Brazilian technology consulting company with over 20 years of experience, has just released the third episode of Deu Leega, its monthly video broadcast aimed at IT professionals, technology enthusiasts and business managers.

The theme of the hour, developed in partnership with AWS, is how technology solutions can contribute to companies becoming data-driven. In new content, Leega’s Director of Operations, Arlindo Carlesso, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Architect, Eneias Moreira, discuss the main ways and methodologies needed to start implementing this data-driven culture, while demystifying the journey. Arlindo explains:

“Firstly, it is important that companies or those responsible for certain of their sectors know that they do not need to be experts or completely dominate the data journey in order to change the way a company thinks. However, to be successful, it is critical that they work with competent partners who can assist these areas with complementary knowledge to that already practiced in-house.”

AWS, for example, has more than 200 services available to customers, some of which are more data-oriented and, consequently, used more for data journeys. Such services should be chosen according to the operating segment and maturity level of each company.

Carlesso points out that it is extremely important to have trained experts who will be able to indicate what is most suitable for that job and for that moment. “Working in this scenario with an efficient model, in a short period of time, it will be possible to add value to the operation, understanding the needs and fitting the services in each of the spheres.”

For CEO Lee, the business model has changed for the better. He claims:

“In the past, people thought about creating a universal repository and then understanding how it would be used. Today, we think first about understanding the user’s obstacles and then directing the most appropriate solutions to solve those problems.”

Eneias Moreira adds that changes must be gradual, avoiding stepping on the steps and processes of that development. He continues on that topic:

“It is a journey that must be taken calmly. A company does not need to immediately become cloud native, for example, but must work to modernize and create value from its data.”

If in the past companies had to spend time, money and energy on licensing, infrastructure and information collection, today it is possible to find partners or use services, even in open source format, to supply and optimize data processing and maintenance.

Leega even became part of the AWS ACE Program and confirmed with the seal of the AWS Service Delivery Program, becoming a member of the selected APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program of the most accepted cloud platform in the world, as a specialist partner in Amazon’s EMR and AWS Lambda solutions. For more information about Leega, visit the official website.

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