Leonor, forced to go before the Pueblo Ejemplar for gastroenteritis

In the final leg of Cadavedo’s visit, Princess Leonor had to be away when she was sick, for her sister, the Infanta Sophia, had passed hours before, who was unable to sum up her visit, and had to remain at Oviedo. Faced with this malaise, Queen Letizia explained the situation quite naturally. “You have gastroenteritis, I guess it will happen in 24 or 48 hours. Something has gone wrong. We’ve all had gastroenteritis at some point and nothing happened. It’s time to return to this city with cheers.”Mine to read you the words she has prepared to read with all of you on this very special day,” he says, dedicating to Pueblo Ejemplar 2022 a speech that we reproduce in full.


“I have many illusions to accompany you this morning to deliver the award to the Pueblo Ejemplar that you so deservedly achieved.
a little to enjoy with you the dance groups and the bagpipe groups, the verbenas, the rap and the preñaos sweets, see the raffle of las alfiladas, meet the winner of the Fernán Coronas poetry prize… I like this place that preserves traditions and does that possible by combining them with a sustainable economy. Because of this, you can improve both the services and have a diverse way of progressing until you achieve something so difficult in rural areas, as the school becomes very lively and every time with more students enrolled.

We were at Father Gallo’s house and I was surprised by the enormous culture and personality he had. And of course there was no reason when he wrote that verse where he said that if the prince of Asturias—well, princess, in this case—came here, he would choose this place to have a flourishing farm. I really want to get to the hermitage and see this precious hórreo, a symbol of your local union and that among all you can be saved. And we can get together and share a mouse together. Thank you for being exemplary for taking care of your pueblo and your economy; thank you for receiving my sister and you and my priests, Los Reyes, we were able to see the beauty of this place and get to know it better; know also the generous spirit that is in the heart of the Asturians. Thank you!”

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