Leonor recreates her mother’s refuge

This afternoon, the award ceremony of Awards Princess of Asturias, where once again the first-born of Los Reyes became the heroine of a veil in which she practiced as a housewife. On this occasion we saw him innovar with tropical print sequin dress. But apart from his stylistic choices, he also managed to attract the attention of elegant hairstyle que ha lucido, con el que ha hecho un guiño a la reina Letizia.


During the pre-ceremony activities, the princess chose to wear her hair in a suelto fashion, as a result of the traditional concert with smooth melena and fine waves in flequillo. This morning it was decided to introduce a small change with a semi-recognizable seal, and during the awards ceremony a completely different variant was decanted. In this case you have bet on one knitted low monoone of Doña Leticia’s favorite peinados lately.

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– Doña Leticia shows off her more modern look with double sided ‘eyeliner’

Heredera poses with a recogido in a root braid that starts at the height of the siene and curls after a low moño. A hairstyle that gives him a relaxed and natural look, leaving behind a bit of rebellious hair. In addition, la Princesa is also decanted remove fuera dos finísimos mechones front, trending in the purest Y2K style it is possible to frame factions with.


– Infanta Sofía renews its style with brilliant design and an original collection

Relationship with Queen Letizia

As in many other details of Leonor’s style, we can observe a perfectly reflected influence of her mother, who since new times has been present in this knitted setting. Yes, in the last few weeks it has been common to see La Rena luciéndolo. He had a similar version during the Hispanic Day celebration and repeated the formula earlier this week when he was on stage at the opera aidaat the Royal Theater of Madrid. There we could see him and with this hairstyle that distinguishes him from his hut, he reached medium height, with flequillo bien fijado thanks to horquillas.


– La Reina, great with a two-tone dress with floral details that I had before Sassa de Osma

Other similarities in the Princess of Asturias awards

It’s not the first time a young man has been inspired by his mother when it came time to choose a hairstyle for one of his appearances. Sin go more lejos, last year he chose a collection polished with the one that honored one of the most special eleciones de la Reina. This time it was inspired by the look that Leticia had for 12 years, when she was exactly the same as the one in Oviedo.


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