Let’s help buy a house for Daniel, who is left alone with 5 children

Guys, the crowdfunding went out to buy Danielle’s house and the 5 kids she adopted with Jonathan. Unfortunately, Jonathan became a star last weekend and left Dani alone to complete this mission.

We need all of your help by donating in crowdfunding and sharing this article to give a home to this family who is living in rent and is now orphaned by one parent and has 5 children: brothers João Miguel, 3, Iara, 4, Herin, 5 years old, Wendell, 7 years old and Douglas, 12 years old.

Dani was very excited when she learned on Instagram live about the campaign that So Wakinya Boa started to support and give her and her children a roof. He cried a lot at that time and thanked. (see below)

“No one misses out”

“Here, no one leaves anyone’s hand.” This is how 30-year-old nurse Danielle Rocha reflected on her care and mission with her five children from now on, without her husband, 30-year-old Jonathan Silva.

Danielle and Jonathan adopted five brothers who were abandoned by their biological parents at an orphanage in Rio Claro (SP). At that time, a report by Só Notícia Boa revealed the family’s story and after the article in the portal, they were shared, inspiring many other parents in Brazil and around the world.

Last Saturday the 4th, Jonathan died of hemorrhagic dengue and in support of Daniel, So Noticia Boa and So Wakinya Boa joined the campaign that raised over R40k in just 48 hours to guarantee support. family because Dani had to stop working to take care of her 5 children. Now we take on another mission with this beautiful family: to buy their house.

I shared everything with Jonathan

In Só Notícia Boa’s Instagram live, Daniel spoke with Rinaldo de Oliveira and Monique de Carvalho, talking about how the days with the children have been since the departure of the partner.

“It is not easy. I used to share all the tasks with Jonathan, but now I do everything myself. But I will. I promised him that I would not leave our children. Here, no one leaves anyone’s hand,” said the father excitedly.

In order to take care of the children, Daniel had to leave work until he reviewed the children’s daily routine. “Here at home there is a school, a doctor, attention. For whatever they need me for. That’s why I quit my job to pay more attention to them,” he explained live.

She said that in addition to the family routine, which she did everything to maintain, there are still the difficulties of coping with the longing of her partner and alleviating the pain of her children. 4 of the five children are still very young and do not really understand what happened to their father.

“I talk to them. I explain that the father is now a little star and is taking care of us from heaven,” said Daniel.

For him, not having Jonathan’s presence sometimes brings emptiness. “I miss him so much. I talk to him today to ease the longing. I talk to him every night before bed. This is our moment,” said Daniel.

solidarity network

Daniel said he didn’t expect so much support from people.

“I could not imagine the extent of all this. People come here to leave milk, food, yogurt for children. Jonathan’s biggest fear was that something was missing. Thank God that he will not miss it,” he said.

The father got emotional several times, talking about the love and affection he received from people. He also thanked Só Notícia Boa and Só Vaquinha Boa for their support of crowdfunding.

“I was already very excited. I can only thank So Notichia Boa and So Wakinya Boa who have been with my family since the beginning,” he said.

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dream about own house

During the first crowdfunding we did with Daniel, many followers asked for a campaign to help him buy a house. On Live, Daniel said that this was Jonathan’s biggest dream.

“He always dreamed of having his own house to provide a better life for our children. And I will make this dream come true,” said the father.

Rinaldo then seized the moment to announce another crowdfunding campaign, leaving his father completely transfixed.

“I really admire what you have done to change the lives of these five children,” said the executive director of Só Notícia Boa.

“I am putting Só Notícia Boa and Só Vaquinha Boa at your disposal so that we can raise funds to buy your house,” added Rinaldo.

Netizens celebrated this news a lot and immediately announced that they would donate and share the campaign.

“I want to get to heaven and be greeted by Jonathan. I will say. “There, love, I left our children raised, educated, with a small house. Now we can rest easy,” reflected the excited father.

So we have accepted the mission and once again we really count on the support of all of you.

Donate to help buy Danielle and their five children a home through PIX daniel-casa@sovaquinhaboa.com.br: or directly on the Só Vaquinha Boa website by clicking here.

Donate, share with everyone and let’s tell this super happy ending.

We hope for everyone.

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