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Lewandowski hits back at Bolsonaro’s attacks on polling stations

Photo: Nelson Jr./SCO/STF

the minister Ricardo Lewandowski (photo), from: STF:used the parable “The Wolf and the Lamb”by Jean de La Fontaine to comment on attacks and disputes those who slander the electoral processes” Brazilian.

In an article published for Folha. Lewandowski stated that “The old parable reminds us of the unusual the current situation in Brazil, in which government agentsWith the support of members of armed structures, known as minority groups, they are questioning the security of electronic voting machines through completely baseless allegations.”.

For the minister, however, the opposite is true. wolves won’t get the bestNo matter how much they craft and flaunt their victimhood, because today the more than 150 million Brazilians who have the right to vote, who have no sheep, have been burned by the myriad institutional failures that mar the national political annals. will surely make his sovereign win».

Monday (18) President Jair Bolsonaro consolidated ambassadors To spread in the Palacio da Alvorada lie about electronic voting and attack the judiciary.

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