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LGBT + community and brand consumption

June 30, 2022 – 16:57

Celebrated as a month of pride and proof of the programs and causes of the LGBTQIAP + population, the month of June ends this Thursday, the 30th, marked by a series of actions and initiatives by companies to celebrate diversity.

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To better understand the aspirations of this population and, above all, their relationship with brands, Terra, the portal that was the main sponsor and media partner of the Pride Parade, analyzed responses from 340,000 people across Brazil to understand behaviors and their spending expectations.

One of the insights brought by the research is that 49% of people in the LGBT + community would stop consuming some product or service of companies that are averse to the causes of diversity. Already 61% of respondents said they wanted to buy products or use the services of companies that support the LGBT + thing, and 55% of respondents said they would pay even more for those items.


LGBTQIA + community: consumption, media and advertising

People’s view of different attitudes in companies is also focused on advertising: 68% of respondents from the community said they approve of hiring LGBT + people for their advertising and communication.

Terra’s research also sought to map people’s attitudes in the community towards politics. For 48% of respondents, it is a habit to study and get to know the past of political candidates; 42% said they were considering candidate proposals before going to the polls, while 31% said political background had the most weight. Already 13% more analyze candidate content posts on social media to define a vote. The majority (58%) stated that defending LGBT + causes is crucial in selecting candidates.

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