Lies P – the length of the game about Pinocchio

In Lies of P, the story of Pinocchio is a little different. However, it is certainly something we are waiting for. How many hours should we book to meet him?

P’s lies continue to intrigue

At the end of the summer holidays, NEOWIZ studio showed us the trailer and gameplay of the game Lies of P. This game, inspired by the story of Pinocchio and set in the belle époque, in the style of “soul” arouses considerable interest for at least several reasons. It looks great, the mechanics (like levels based on how much we lie or extensive weapon crafting tools) are intriguing, and the story is arguably a more interesting genre.

In Lies of P, the main character is not a wooden boy, but a mechanoid. But his goals are the same: to become human and find Geppetto. And speaking of history, then…

How many hours will it take to complete P’s lie?

How long do you need to know the story in Lies of P? This was revealed by director Choi Ji-Won it will take about 30 hours to complete the game. Insufficiently? Too much? If that’s not enough for you, you can also complete side missions and visit all corners of the world, which can easily extend your time by an additional 30 hours. And if it’s too much, you can choose so-called stages that have their own sets of solutions and characteristics, and they take about 10 hours to complete.

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Lies of P is created for PC (check game requirements) and current generation consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. We don’t know exactly when it will debut in stores yet (probably sometime in 2023), but it will be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog at the same time.

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