Lima Duarte is praying for the recovery of a motorcyclist who was hit in Sao Paulo

The actor claimed that he provided first aid to the victim and defended himself against the accusations that he should not have been driving because of his old age.

Lima Duarte is back to talk about the motorcyclist crash in Sao Paulo. The actor said he’s encouraging the driver’s recovery and even defended himself against accusations that he was driving after all, netizens said he shouldn’t be.

“To those who have been with me for so many years, I clarify that, as reported, I was actually involved in a traffic accident without my responsibility, where I immediately provided all the necessary assistance,” the text begins.

The actor also guarantees to be accompanied by the clinical condition of the victim. “We root for the motorcyclist’s recovery and follow the evolution of his treatment through a family representative,” the director said.

“I want to clarify that my license is valid, and all my legal exams are up to date,” he concluded.

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