Lionsgate+ and PodPah team up to promote Black Mafia Family

For five days, Igao and Mitiko will receive national rap and trope names to promote the series directed by 50 Cent.

Lionsgate+ is promoting the second season of “BMF (Black Mafia Family)” and to reach the ever-growing audience, it has teamed up with Podpah, who will host a rap week on the show this Monday (6).

In a project created in collaboration with Abille, Igão and Mítico will get rap and trope names on their table to promote the series directed by American producer and rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

In total, the video will feature five episodes featuring emerging and established artists from the Brazilian hip hop scene, kicking off with acts featuring rappers Tasha and Tracy. Confirmed in the next few days will be Sidoka, Thiago Wei, Yunk Wino, Danzo and Kyre and Dexter. Monday through Thursday episodes start at 7pm and Fridays at 1pm.

The series is inspired by true events and tells the story of two brothers who grew up on the streets of southwest Detroit in the late 1980s and created one of the largest organized crime families in the United States. The production features names like Snoop Dogg, Ajiona Alexus Brown, Mycole Briana White, La La Antoni, Kelly Hu and Eric Coffey Abrefa.

The second season will be released on January 6 and has reached 4.1 million viewers across all platforms. Lionsgate+, which produces the series, has confirmed a third season of Black Mafia Family for next year.

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