Live Bolsonaro does not talk about Kaika scandal և attacks LulaEnglish 

Live Bolsonaro does not talk about Kaika scandal և attacks Lula

Instead, the chief executive conducted a shorter-than-usual live broadcast on Thursday.

In his traditional live broadcast on Thursday, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) avoided controversial issues that arose in his government over the past week, such as the departure of Pedro Guimaraes from the Caixa Econômica presidency following allegations of sexual harassment and Bolsonaro’s intervention. In investigations into ONE (Ministry of Education).

Instead, the CEO made a shorter live broadcast on Thursday (30) than usual. This one took about 30 minutes, while his live videos usually take about an hour. At that time, Bolsonaro attacked the former president of the PA, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

According to the head of the executive, Lula is against the “reduction of the price of gasoline” because the PT would criticize the PEC (proposed amendment to the Constitution) proposed by Bolsonaro to zero the ICMS (turnover tax on goods and services). Fuels և Services. to compensate the states directly by trying to reduce the price of gasoline, ethanol, diesel fuel and gas.

The fuel price crisis is putting pressure on the president’s government, both because of popular rejection and escalating internal tensions. The moment also occurs in the election year, when he will seek re-election.

The chief executive blamed the rise mainly on Petrobras ապետ state governors. The governors, however, blame Bolsonaro for the rise in prices. They remind that at the end of 2021 they froze ICMS, և fuel prices continued to rise even so.

Still live, Bolsonaro again criticized the Covid CPI, which ended last year, hinting that Lula’s party was in behind-the-scenes negotiations with CPI senators to raise the money to be used in the former president’s campaign.

“PT did not even come to power, it is already doing tricks here. “He will definitely not come to power soon,” he said.



Bolsonaro also noted the ease with which his government could produce weapons, saying that more than 1,000 weapons stores had opened since taking office.

The president said that “by being re-elected there”, he intends to increase the number of CACs in Brazil, which stands for Hunters, Sport Shooters and Firearms Collectors, to 1 million. Surveys show that CAC records are now ten times higher than they were five years ago.


Last week, Bolsonaro’s live broadcast was attended by the then President of the Cairo, Pedro Gimares. On Tuesday (28) the Metrópoles website published a report on five women who accuse Guimarez of sexual harassment. they all worked or worked in a state bank.

Cases include unauthorized intimate contact, inappropriate approaches, and incompatible invitations to employment. The complaints are being investigated by the Federal Ministry of Public Works. The TCU (Court of Auditors) also asked the supervisory authorities to launch an investigation.


Guimaraes was nominated by Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, but he left Guedes during Bolsonaro’s government and approached the president, appearing on Bolsonaro live several times a week, including last week.

Bolsonaro also avoided talking about the crisis in the Ministry of Education, which includes Milton Ribeiro, investigations into the matter. This week, opposition senators questioned the creation of a CPI to investigate the portfolio.

The argument was strengthened after Bolsonaro’s suspicions of interfering in the investigation against Ribeiro. In a wiretapped call by the PF (Federal Police), the former minister told his daughter that Bolsonaro had warned him about the “word” of a possible search-and-seizure operation against him. Yesterday, STF Minister Carmen Lucia sent a fourth request to the PGR (Prosecutor General’s Office) for an investigation into Bolsonaro for alleged interference in PF’s operation.


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