Live Parkbad Nord turns 70 years old

Parkbad Nord is celebrating its 70th anniversary and we’re there live. The outdoor pool festival will finally take place again on Sunday (July 17) after a two-year coronavirus-mandated hiatus. And we’re there live.

Try diving is also possible at Parkbad Nord’s outdoor pool festival. (Archive) © Volker Engel (archive)

On Sunday, July 17, the outdoor pool festival will take place in Ikern for the 14th time. Parkbad Nord on Recklinghauser Straße welcomes thousands of visitors throughout the day. Therefore, the city recommends coming by bus, foot or bicycle. Parking is notoriously few and far between.

We will be broadcasting live around 11am and showing the opening speech of Mayor Rajko Kravanja, we will be walking around the Parkbad area and looking at the many stands and hands-on activities. Pool manager Heinz-Robert Schaefer will also answer our questions.

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