LIVEADS #178 – The Attention Economy, with Paul Itabaian, CEO of Teads

This week’s LIVEADS interviews Paul Itabaiana, CEO of Teads, a global media platform present in 20 countries, to talk about the attention economy.

The attention economy is based on information management, with human attention as the main focus. In the midst of the information age, attention has become a valuable asset contested by different types of companies, with their own platforms, screens and content.

The concept was first created and used in 1971 by economist, psychologist and political scientist Herbert Alexander Simon.

The interviewee of LIVEADS has worked in companies and media groups, such as Grupo RBS, Globosat, Facebook and recently Grupo Record. An advertising expert with an MBA in Marketing from ESPM-SP, he recently completed a Data Analytics course at the University of Cambridge.

The program of life with professionals from the world of technology, creativity and innovation is presented by Daniel Rosa, CEO of ADNEWS.

LIVEADS with André Braga is a WT1 Digital production, and you can watch it on the ADNEWS YouTube channel.

Teads manages brand and agency campaigns on its own platform, and buyers can access inventory premium, through programmatic purchasing.

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