Living in Lüner City: Eleven planned rental apartments in Graf-Adolf-Strasse

This is what the new apartment building in Lüner City should look like. Volksbank Selm-Bork wants to build it, as board member Martin Potschadel explains. © Volksbank Selm-Bork

Three years ago, Caritas left their residence in Graf-Adolf-Strasse. There are new plans and a new owner for the downtown Lüner property. He wants to build quickly.

Because the building at Graf-Adolf-Straße 23 in Lünen was no longer suitable for the Caritas Lünen-Selm-Werne Association, one of the largest employers in the region, a new building was built: three years ago, the association opened a new building in the southern inner city connected to Lange Straße. Since then it has remained unclear what will be done with the property not far from St. Mary’s Church. The location is attractive, several new buildings have been built nearby.

High quality apartments for rent

The residential complex is scheduled to be completed in 2023

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