Living on a modest pension, Pele’s mother donates a rare diamond

An example of humility. After the death of the king of football in December of last year, Pele’s mother lives modestly in an apartment in the city of Santos on the coast of Sao Paulo and decided to donate her greatest wealth, the diamond given to her by her son. The cloth is a rarity, made with strands of Pele’s hair and valued at 200,000 rials.

The incredible 100-year-old Dona Celeste Arantes now lives on a small pension, and her health prevents her from getting out of bed. Another daughter, Maria Lucia, takes care of him. Nevertheless, the star’s mother refuses any kind of luxury.

Like other potential beneficiaries, Dona Celeste has been left out of Pele’s will, but apparently that doesn’t faze her. “Oh my son, you have given me so much, so much,” the little lady said in an interview.

Mother’s love

Pele always clarified his love for his mother. In several interviews, the player mentioned his loving relationship with Dona Celeste.

It was then, in 2009, during an interview with the Fantástico program, that Pele’s mother received the greatest gift of her life: a diamond made from her own son’s hair.

At that time, Mrs. Celeste was touched by her son’s love. However, as part of a larger gesture, the woman has decided to donate the precious item to charity.


The diamond was made from Pele’s hair by a Spanish expert. The rarity of the year at 0.6 carats will only have token values.

However, following the death of the football king on December 29, 2022, the diamond began to gain posthumous value and national resonance.

Valued by jewelers, the diamond can nowadays reach a value of approximately 200,000 reais due to its strong symbolism.

However, as was Dona Celeste’s wish, the item was donated to Curitiba’s Pele Pequeno Principe Institute by the star’s sister in 2010.

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Dona Celeste lives in bed due to the effects of a neurodegenerative disease and is cared for by Maria Lucia.

The two left out of the King of Football’s multi-million dollar family will not regret the money they would have received.

Without any luxuries, the two live a more “poor” life, according to Dona Celeste.

In the absence of a rare diamond and an inheritance, a hundred-year-old woman lives fully, knowing that all she needs to sleep peacefully is love for her son.

The care of Pele’s mother is her daughter Maria Lucia, who was also out of the star’s will. – Photo: Playback/Instagram

According to TV Focus.

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