Long-lasting food ideal for stocks. What can you eat after the date on the package? What is the difference between “best use by” and “use by”

Want to stock up on food at home? Do it yourself. Long-term food can be good for several years if stored properly. Food that has passed the date on the packaging does not have to end up in the bin! Just know the difference between “best use by” and “use by”. And then look, smell and taste. We suggest which products are considered long-term food, that is, food that will serve as a supply. There are several conditions for storing products so that they remain edible.


It is good to know which products can be classified as “durable food”, so as not to accumulate excess goods that will lose their usefulness relatively quickly, and we will lose money, because, for example, cheese will have to be thrown away. To avoid loss, it is good to distinguish between the 2 dates on the packaging.

Let’s start by explaining the very important issue of food records. If there is an inscription on the product packaging “need to eat”, then the date defines the moment after which the product is generally unusable. It can harm our health. Such records can be found mainly on fresh products, such as meat or fish. In general, after a certain day the product is not suitable for consumption.

Campaigns to prevent food waste have been carried out for years. In one of them, the UOKiK instructed: the minimum durability date refers to the period until which a properly stored or transported food product retains all its properties. Thus, on the products we find the inscription: “The best before …”, e.g. on UHT milk, mayonnaise, canned food, nuts and dried fruit, frozen food.

This is not the case with “best before” products. Even when the indicated date has passed, the food is edible, and this applies to dry products. Which ones specifically? We list them on a few slides:

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There are several conditions for storing such food, so that it can be eaten even after several years:

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